Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.0

1. On the "Dispatch - Requests for cancellation of payment" page, the columns "Server time" and "Provider transaction" have been added to Excel upload. Field "Provider's transaction" is available only to users of the payment system.

2. On the "Dispatch - Change cards" page when make Excel upload in the "Dispensed" column was added output of the data about number, which was used for transfer change via change card.

3. On the "Directories - System settings" page on the "Agent’s workplace settings" tab, the "Version data on agent's working days directory" system parameter was renamed to "Use production calendars". The system parameters "Use production calendars", "Operating mode of cash registers at the system", "Shift operation of cash registers" were transferred to the "Agent’s workplace settings" tab.

4. On the "References - System Settings" page at "Security" tab has been added "Timeout of the session in minutes since login" option. It sets maximum duration of the session and valid even with permanent user activity. If since the moment of authorization has passed more time than specified in this parameter, system will cancel user's session and will suggest to him log in again. Changing the value of parameter is applied every 10 minutes.

5. On the "Directories - System parameters" page at the "System parameters" tab "Classifying point code" checkbox is added. It can be installed if there are no points with duplicate codes in the system (points with empty codes are not taken into account). If the checkbox is selected, point with duplicate code cannot be created or saved.

6. On the "Points - Points" page when "Classifying point code" checkbox is selected, user can search by code using mask, where % is an arbitrary number of any characters, underline is any one character.

7. On the "Dispatch — Change cards" page, "Blocked permanently" value has been added to "Status" filtering parameter.

8. On the "Agent - Points - Kiosks cash collection" page in the "Add collection" section when "Synchronize collection with kiosk" checkbox is checked, "Does not require verify" checkbox is added. If box is checked, then when creating cash collection, verify time is added as current. If checkbox is cleared, then collection is unverified and can be verified after successful status of collection has returned from the kiosk.

9. On the "Directories - Security - Access rules" page in the "Search for payment" section, "Unlock in mobile application" right has been added, allowing agent to convert block of payments to processing or error status. Implemented for mobile applications on Android OS.

Features in development

10. Product showcases. 

At this version, back office refinements allow: 

1) Set other price categories for product, except basic price. 

2) Customize discounts on goods using predetermined schedule. 

3) Add several varieties of goods that will be offered when choosing main one. For example, different tastes of the same product. 

4) Set price of the product and add-on profiles. Add-on profiles allow customers to offer supplements to the main product. For example, additional cheese to pizza. 

5) Added ability to specify cross-sales. Cross-sales allows to more effectively sell multiple products and services to one customer. For example, if customer buys coffee, additional products for coffee will be offered at the kiosks screen - various desserts.

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