Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.1

1. For Agent’s workplace points has been added support for transferring payments to other services through attributes "commission" and "payment_tool".

2. In accordance with order of Russian Federal Tax Service from March 21, 2017 No. MMB-7-20/229 @ (edit 10.22.2018) "On approval of additional details of fiscal documents and formats of fiscal documents that are required" output of parameter "Type of calculation item" is made in the format: "Value of the attribute" . "PF format"

Features in development

3. "Short number" flag has been added on the "Agent - Agents" page when editing subagent data on Support tab in the window for adding support phone number. When number is entered, validation of number is disabled. Not processed by current Terminal software versions. Implemented for future versions.

4. Solution development for kiosks.

At this version made refinements for back office that allow:

1) Create new type of points - Web Kiosk.

2) Create "Advanced menu" menu profile for Web Kiosk points. Using it, it is possible to configure various modules for kiosk (parcel locker, website, fitness, etc.).

3) Create and configure module types that are based on processor types.

4) Create, edit and delete modules based on different processors for Web Kiosk points type. Modules are sections of kiosk menu and have specific function: displaying of information site, printing of barcode of purchased product, making purchase using entered details, etc.

5) Create modules based on website processor, which is allow:

     – Set security settings for modules

     – Set rules for scanner to open external site

6) Create modules linked with product showcases.

7) Customize display of kiosk keyboard on pages of external site.

8) Specify set of devices that are mandatory or recommended for successful operations of the module.

9) Create, edit and delete holidays and pre-holidays in the context of countries for Web Kiosk points type.

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