Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.2

1. In the agent's backoffice added saving of cards status changes. This information is displayed in the history of user actions, which is located on the “Agents - Users - User actions history” page.

2. When add a comment to the cash collection event, the comment icon changes its appearance - it becomes dark blue. Therefore, it is possible to quickly find out cash collections with added comments.

3. On the "Dispatch - Cancellation payment requests" page, the "Cancellation amount" column has been added to the Excel upload. Column allows to track the amount of the cancellation amount for canceled operations.

4. On the page “Directories - Services - Services” the “Provider” filtering parameter has been added. It allows to search for services related to a specified provider. The filter parameter is visible only for users who have “Payment system user” role settings.

5. On the page “Agent - Statistics - Statistics”, when grouping information by months, the data is displayed in the format MM.YYYY.

Features in development

6. On the "Dispatch - Banking transactions" page the filter parameter and the "Receipt number" column are added. This functionality allows to search for payments by bank receipt number. The receipt number is generated automatically and it is an arbitrary number. At present time not processed by current Terminal software versions. Implemented for future versions.

7. Development of solutions for kiosks.

In this version, the backoffice has been improved to allow:

Set parameters for the modules to control of their display on the kiosk screen or set specific settings for a specific type of module. For example, in the case of a parcel locker, it is possible to configure user authorization only by the order number, or by the order number and phone number. The modules are kiosk menu sections and have a specific function: display an information site, print the barcode of the product being purchased, make a purchase using the entered details, etc.

8. Development of solutions for parcel lockers.

In this version, the backoffice has been improved to allow:

Add parcel lockers and cells, change their parameters, monitor the status of parcel cells and their orders, which are in. In the agent’s backoffice it is possible to specify the cells that need cleaning service or repair, that will allow to create lists of relevant cells for staff. Parcel lockers are devices for storing delivered orders. They allow to automate the process of delivery and placing of orders in cells in accordance with their dimensions. Parcel locker cells can have a cooling function, which makes it suitable for storing food.

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