Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.3

1. On the "Points — Points settings" page in the point editing section in the "Cash collection options" tab "Cassettes serial numbers recording" checkbox has been added.

2. On the "Points — Points" page in the "Point settings — Cash boxes" tab in the point editing section "Cassette serial number" field has been added.

3. On the "Monitoring — Equipment status" page in the detailed information about point, in the "Cash boxes" tab "Cassette serial number" field is added.

4. On the page "Monitoring – Detailed equipment status" in the column "Bill acceptor" and "Coin acceptor" a column "Number" has been added, this column display the cassette serial number. Also for this page has been improved the upload in Excel.

5. On the "Agent — Points — Kiosks cash collection" page when creating a cash collection, the ability to specify the numbers of inserted and removed cassettes has been added. The inserted cassette is automatically registered in the cashbox serial number.

6. The access rule "Correction of collected cash" has been added (for the Agent — Points — Kiosks cash collection). The user, whose role have this rule, can change the cash collected amount. In the comments need to add the reason for the amount change. The amount change event is saved to the user action history.

7. The following access rules have been added for the "Dispatch — Accounts" section:

          ▪ "View"

          ▪ "Edit"

          ▪ "Edit account types"

The section is available only for users with the "Payment system user" role.

8. Added the type of an arbitrary property of the "Password" objects.

9. Added section "Dispatch — Bank cards — Retained cards". Access to this section requires the "Dispatch — Retained cards — View" right. To archiving records, need the right "Dispatch — Retained cards — Editing". Archived records are shown in gray colour. The Payment system user has access to his own records and to his subagents, with delegation rights.

10. On the page "Dispatch — Entries — Account model settings" when editing accounting model, added the ability to specify the ID of the entries on which the current transaction depends.

11. Added the section "Points — Kiosks installation points — Cost items". Access to this section requires the "Points — Cost items — View" right. To create/edit/delete cost items need the right "Points — Cost items — Edit".

12. On the pages "Monitoring — Equipment condition (2)" and "Monitoring — Detailed equipment status" the ability to create a cash collection request for points with a problem bill acceptor has been added. The functionality is available only to the user with the "Administrator" role or having the appropriate access rule ("Cash collection requests — Cash collection requests management").

13. On the "Points — Kiosk installation points — Kiosk installation points" page, in the section for editing the installation site, the "Cost items" and "Period costs" tabs have been added. To access the tabs, the "Points — Costs by period — View" right is required. To manage (create/edit/delete) current costs, the "Points — Costs by period — Edit" right is required. To create/edit costs by period, the "Points - Costs by period — Edit history" right is required.

14. The section "Agent — Users — User privileges" is created. This section is available only to users with the "Agent — Users — View" access rule.

15. On the pages "Points — Kiosks installation points — Costs by installation points", "Points — Kiosks installation points — Payment periods", "Agent — Rent — Payment periods" added a dialog to close payment periods. To perform an action, the right "Agent — Rent — Close payment period" is required.

16. Added the section "Points — Kiosks installation points — Costs by installation points". Access to the section requires the "Points — Costs by installation points — View" right. To change values, the "Points — Costs by installation points — Edit" right is required.

17. In the "Points — Points profitability" section, the "Show costs by installation points" checkbox has been added.

18. On the "Providers — Providers" page, the "Provider profile" filter parameter has been added. This filter parameter is available only to the Payment system user.

19. On the pages "Monitoring — Equipment condition", "Monitoring — Detailed equipment condition", "Monitoring — Detailed equipment condition (by agents)" in the column "ATM equipment" added display of information about the card reader. Added decoding of the card reader state when pointing the mouse cursor on it.

20. On the "Points — Cash desk profiles" page, in the cash desk profile editing section, the "Password protection of client-side settings" checkbox has been added. When the checkbox is selected, the "Password" field is displayed for generation and change of a password.

21. The "Advanced Menu" column has been added to the "Points — Points" page.

22. On the "Dispatch — Payment processing direction" page when adding a direction for processing, in the "Conditions" tab the "Payment source" field was added.

Features in development

23. Kiosks development.

The version has the following back office modifications:

1) On the "Kiosks — Modules" page in the module creation/editing section, the "Description" field is no longer required.

2) On the page "Kiosks — Advanced Menu" after adding an advanced menu, a redirect to the editing section of this advanced menu is implemented.

3) Added the following sections:

"Kiosk — Keyboard profiles — Keyboard profiles". To access the section requires the right "Kiosk — Keyboard profiles — View". To manage a section (create/modify/delete), the "Kiosk - Keyboard profiles - Edit" right is required.

"Kiosk — Keyboard profiles — Keyboard layouts". To access the section requires the right "Kiosk — Keyboard layouts — View". To manage the section (create/edit/delete) the right "Kiosk — Keyboard layouts — Edit" is required.

24. Parcel lockers development.

The version has the following back office modifications:

1) "Temp." column has been added to the "Parcel lockers — Device cells" page to display the required cell temperature.

2) For lockers that do not have cells, the checkbox "Cooling" is disabled.

3) On the "Parcel lockers — Models" page in the model edit section, when add cells, only lockers that have available cells are displayed in the list of lockers.

4) On the "Parcel lockers — Lockers" page in the locker edit section, the "Max. parcel weight, kg." is added.

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