Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.8

1. On the "Points — Points" page, in the section for creating/editing points with the kiosk type, the "Block kiosk outside of the work schedule" flag is added. Available only for points with kiosk type. If the box is checked, then actions performed with the kiosk outside of the work schedule will be unavailable.

2. Starting with kiosk software version 5.76, the ability to record bank card arrest events related to a host request, indicating the host directives about a lost card, an attempt to fraud or card capture as a result of the PAN filter has been added. On the page "Bank cards — Arrested cards" it is possible to search for cards captured for these reasons.

3. Added pages that allow to view the results of loading services and provider rates. The functionality is associated with the implementation of a mechanism for automatically loading provider rates, which is now at development. This mechanism is used as part of the module of automatic establishment of services and form generation. The module is not included in the standard package and is licensed separately.

4. Added the ability to automatically transfer cancellation request for operation to the "Cancel by gateway" status. The “Allow automatic cancellation” checkbox located in the editing sections of the agent and provider has been replaced with the “Cancel operations” option. The values of this parameter “Cancel via the gateway is possible” and “Only manual cancel” in accordance with the operation logic repeat the checked and unchecked box “Allow automatic cancellation”. If select "Only cancel by gateway", it is not possible to change the cancellation request manually, so for the online provider it will automatically be transferred to the "Cancel by gateway" status.

5. Since kiosk software version 5.76, the ability to transfer change to a phone number with the choice of a telecom operator has been added. For the functionality implementation required modification of the kiosk software and the kiosk connector.

6. On the "Parcel lockers - Delivery operations" page, the "Canceled" column is added, column displays whether the delivery operation was canceled. This information is also displayed in a window with operation details.

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