Pay-logic processing update version 4.9.5

1. On the page "Directories — Services — Services" in the section for service editing in the tab "Actions history" the display of entries related to the creation and changes of this service is added.

2. On the "Directories — System — Server address profiles" page the parameter "Update system URL (optional)" has been added, which is used to configure banners at kiosk software ver. 8.

3. On the page "Dispatch — Cancellation payment requests" in the sections for editing and viewing cancellation requests, the parameter "Name of the client" is added, which displays data of the client which is made the payment.

4. On the page "Kiosks — Modules" added the ability to specify additional APIs for REST API based modules.

5. On the "Directories — System — Server address profiles" page, in the address profile editing section the parameter "Data storage service URL (external)" has been added, which allows to specify external address of the server that need to access to view files in back office.

6. On the "Dispatch — Entries — Configure accounting models" page in the sections for creating and editing accounting entries in the parameter "Depends on entries" added the ability to set the relationship between entries from different accounting models.

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