Pay-logic processing update version 4.9.6

1. On the "Agent — Users — Users" page when creating or modifying user, the ability to manually specify certificate for authorization in the system has been added.

2. On the "Providers — Providers" page in the provider editing section, in the "Processing features" tab, the option "Timeout for creating a cancellation request (hours)" has been added, which allows creating cancellation request in the Agent’s payment point only during the specified period.

3. Before sending an SMS message with one-time password to the user’s address to generate point keys, a check is added to see if it is blocked.

4. On the pages "Agent — Users — Users" and "Agent — Agents", when creating user, the ability to select the type of notification: SMS or Telegram has been added. Then, corresponding notification address becomes available.

5. On the "Dispatching — Payment's upload" page, the ability to upload signed payment registries in .sig format has been added.

6. An access rule "Dispatching — Payment search - Search by ID of external processing system" has been added, which allows users who are not administrators or users of the payment system to search for payments by ID of the external processing system.

7. On the page "Monitoring — Event Types" the ability to search for event types by name has been added.

8. On the page "Agent — Users — User actions history" improved the logging of changed parameters of the agent and provider, as well as the number and status of the adjusted payment.

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