Pay-logic processing update version 5.0.7

1. On the "Providers — Automatic upload tasks" page, in the section for creating task for uploading rates, the option "Delete all rates set after this date" has been added. Available when setting the "Rates start date" parameter. If the box is checked, then rates loaded after the specified date will not take effect.

2. On the page "Agent — Agent reward" added the parameter "Consider the total account in the client's commission fee". Available if grouping by agent profit is selected. If the checkbox is selected, then when calculating the content of the column "Funds receipts — Commission fee from the client", payments of the selected agent's subagents with whom he has a common account are taken into account.

3. On the pages "Monitoring — Equipment status", "Monitoring — Equipment status (2)", "Monitoring — Detailed equipment status", the option "Mass command creation: Create" has been added, which allows adding mass commands at kiosks.

4. The following improvements have been made on the "Monitoring — Kiosks commands" page:

1) Added the "Service command" parameter to the command creation section. If the checkbox is checked, the command will be displayed in the list only when the filtering parameter "Display service commands" is set.

2) Added filtering parameter "Show service commands", which allows to display commands in the list, when creating of which the "Service command" checkbox was selected.

5. On the page "Dispatch — Banking operations" added filtering parameter "Authorization code", as well as the ability to display the column of the same name in the list.

6. On the "Dispatch — Banking operations" page, an option has been added that allows to display the columns "Authorization code", "Token", "Receipt number", "Acquiring commission", "Currency".

7. On the page "Agent — Money transfers — Auto-replenishment queue" added display of the total sum of auto-replenishments in the list and the sequence number of records. The maximum number of rows displayed in a table has been increased to 500.

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