Pay-logic processing update version 5.0.8

1. On the "Providers — Report requests" page in the requests editing section, the ability to specify empty registry files has been added.

2. On the "Providers - Reconciliation by three registries" page, in the reconciliation transactions view, the "Acquirer" column has been added, which is contain the name of the bank transaction provider, associated with the transaction in the reconciliation registry.

3. Added section "Agent — Points — Scheduling of cash collection", which allows adding and tracking plans for cash collection of kiosks.

4. Added the section "Agent — Points — Work with a claim", which allows to identify surpluses or shortages that arose during the cash collection of kiosks, to accept applications for search of reasons and to upload files with orders, acts and results of a technical investigation to the back office.

5. On the page "Dispatch — Search for payment" added the ability to display the column "Last user comment", which contains the last comment added for the operation in the section "Operation information" in the "Comment" tab. Additional column "Comment" has been renamed to "Payment comment".

6. On the "References — Services — Services" page, in the service editing section, in the "Field settings" tab, the "Regular expression for masking" and "Replacement expression" parameters have been added, which allow partially masking the values of payment attributes with an "asterisk" (*).

7. On the page "Points — Registration of provider points" for the fields "City", "Agent", "Provider" added the ability to automatically search for a suitable value when entering.

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