Pay-logic processing update version 5.0.9

1. On the "Points — Points parameters" page in the point parameters editing section, the "Fiscalization on an external service" block has been added, which is displayed in the "Fiscal register settings" tab. In the block, it is possible to specify settings for performing fiscalization of operations in an external service.

2. On the page "References — Security — Access rules" in the "Points" block, an access rule "Remove/add point license" has been added, which allows the user of the Payment system along with the administrator to delete or add a license on the point's edit page.

3. On the page "Agent — Users — User actions history" added logging of requests for arbitrary reports.

4. On the "Agent — Statistics — Statistics" page, in the "Filter" block in the "Status" parameter has been added the ability to search operations by their substatuses.

5. On the "Agent — Statistics — Statistics" page, in the "Filter" block for the "Agents" option, the ability to select all agents from the list suggested in the pop-up window has been added.

6. The section "Applications for issuance of funds" has been added to the "Dispatch" page, which allows to search for applications for issuance and their processing.

7. On the page "Dispatch — Search for payment" for operations performed at points of the "Agent’s accounting workplace" type, added the ability to download an archive with files attached to the payment through the window for viewing additional information.

8. On the page "Dispatch — Change cards" added the possibility of mass final blocking of change cards selected from the list. The option is located above the "Change cards" block.

9. On the page "Dispatch — Requests for payment cancellation" in the section for editing request, a dialog box has been added that requires to confirm your intention to save changes.

10. On the page "Dispatch — Transactions — Generated transactions" in the section for editing transactions, the ability to manually specify the number of a credit account, if id of this account is zero.

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