Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.0

1. On the page "Dispatch — Payments processing direction", tab "Transactions via agent by default" has been added, which allows to set mass directions of payments processing through a single payment source, regardless of services.

2. On the page "Dispatch — Payment search" added the ability to display additional columns "Corrected operation" and "Corrective operation", which contain the id of the specified operations, if these payments exist.

3. Logging of any actions with files has been added to the section of the changes history in the dossier on the page "Dispatch — Clients — Client files".

4. The filter parameter "Player login" and the column of the same name have been added to the page "Dispatch — Applications for dispensing funds". This parameter allows to search for an application by the client's login in an external payment system.

5. A filter parameter "Device" has been added to the page "Agent — Points — Orders for cash collection", which allows searching applications by the type of the device being collected. The column "Cashbox serial number" has been added to the results output block, which contains information about the unique cashbox number of the device.

6. On the page "Agent — Other reports — Statistics and profitability by services" the following improvements have been made:

1) Added columns and filter parameters "Deposit currency", "Payment method".

2) Added the "Group by payment method" flag, which affects the view of the "Payment method" column in the report.

3) Added the ability to mass select values for the filter parameters "Agent", "Provider" and "Service".

7. If the "Shared account" checkbox is set on the "Agent — Agent" page in the subagent editing section, then the user of a non payment system of the superior agent has the right to create, change or delete providers of this subagent.

8. The "INN" filter parameter has been added to the pages "Agent — Agent" and "Provider — Provider".

9. On the page "Providers — Transfers to providers", the limit for uploading results to Excel has been increased and a line with the total result of transfers has been added, which displays the sum of page totals.

10. On the "Points — Mass points change" page, the "Agent" parameter has been added to the "Modify" block, which allows a user with the "Administrator" role to transfer the required points to another agent.

11. On the "Points — Points parameters" page in the "Encashment parameters" edit tab, the text for the "Time for sending orders" field is supplemented with the phrase: "If the field is not filled in, orders are sent online".

12. On the page "Monitoring — Daily balance of providers" for the filter parameters "Provider" and "Agent" added the checkbox "Show blocked", which allows to display information about the balance of blocked providers in the report or if it is set for an agent, then for blocked providers agents.

13. On the page "References — Services — Service groups" in the group editing section, the functionality of mass addition of services has been improved: it is possible to select all found services at once.

14. On the page "References — System — Types of object properties", the "Check IBAN" flag has been added to the creation section. When the checkbox is selected, the check of the international bank account specified by the user in the arbitrary property of the object will be performed.

15. On the pages "Kiosk — Advanced menu" and "Kiosk — Modules", the flag "It is possible to assign subagents points" has been added to the sections for creating an advanced menu and modules. Setting the flag allows to assign the created modules and menus to subagent points. The "Kiosk" module is not included in the standard delivery set and is licensed separately.

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