Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.1

1. On the "Points — Points parameters" page, in the editing section, on the "Printing settings" tab, the flag "Show the screen for entering a phone number for sending an SMS receipt when there is no paper" added. Setting the flag allows to send receipt to the client as SMS message if it is impossible to print it on the spot.

2. On the "Agent — Agent" and "Provider — Provider" pages, filter parameter "Status" has been added, which allows to display a list of agents or providers in accordance with their activity status. At the same time, the list of inactive states has been expanded: added the values "Paused", "Terminated". When changing the status to any of the inactive values, the date of the status change is mandatory.

3. On the "References — System parameters" page, on the "Agent’s payment workplace settings" tab, a block of parameters "Required fields in the client file" has been added. If a flag is set for a parameter, then the corresponding field on the client identification screen in Agent’s payment workplace becomes mandatory.

4. On the page "Agent — Points — Work with claim", a column "Deposited" has been added, which displays the amount of cash that was deposited by an cashier employee after recounting.

5. On the page "Providers — Report requests", the "Create missing" button has been added. Clicking the button takes to a page where it is possible to create queries for all available report types of providers for which queries have not yet been created.

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