Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.2

1. On the page "Providers — Providers" in the section for editing providers, a tab "Provider contacts" has been added, where it is possible to create, modify and view the list of employees' contacts.

2. On the "Points — Points parameters" page, in the gateway point editing section, on the "Gateway points parameters" tab, a field "After reaching the daily limit" has been added, which allows to configure the behavior of the system when the point reaches the daily limit of payments.

3. On the page "Points — Points parameters" added a block of settings "Special conditions for the creation of cash collections", where it is possible to set the days on which the conditions must be applied, and the threshold for filling the box for automatic creation of orders when the specified conditions are met.

4. On the "Monitoring — Events" page, the "Long-term processing of cash collection request" event has been added, which notifies about requests that have the "Sent" status for more than the time specified in the gateway configuration file.

5. On the page "Points — Black and white list" in the section for creating a special commission, when filling in the fields "Service", "Commission", "Point", the display of information about the existing restrictions on the cash collection, as well as its size specified in the menu profile has been added.

6. On the "References — Custom reports — Custom reports" page in the sections for creating, loading and editing a report, the "Agent report template" flag has been added, the setting of which allows to download an arbitrary report on the "Agent — Agent reports" page in PDF and XLS formats.

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