Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.4

1. On the page "Points — Cash register profiles" in the sections for creating and editing a cash register profile became possible to configure optional printing of an application for Agent's workplace. For this, the "Required order print" flag has been replaced by the "Print order" drop-down list.

2. On the page "Dispatch — Applications for payment cancellation" in the editing section, an icon has been added to view the file of the documentary basis, if it was loaded when creating the request for cancellation.

3. On the page "Agent — Other reports — Statistics and profitability by services" added filter parameters "Point type" and "Installation point", as well as the corresponding columns in the output results section.

4. On the “Points — Points” page, when creating a point using KLADR, it became possible not to fill the “Street” field.

5. On the "Other — User settings" page, in the user edit section, the "Old password" parameter has been added. This field is required when setting a new password or changing the authentication type to "Password" or "Certificate + Password".

6. On the "Monitoring — Monitoring online requests" page, in the filter section, the "Auto-update every 60 seconds" flag has been added. If the flag is set, the search result data is refreshed every 60 seconds.

7. On the page "Dispatch — Fraud detection — Detection rules", when creating a rule, it became possible to configure the count of payment repeats (or the total amount) made in total for the agent and its subagents. For this, the "Count payments by agent and subagents" checkbox has been added. Fraud detection functionality is optional and is licensed separately.

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