Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.6

1. On the "Points — Points parameters" page, on the "Cash collection parameters" tab, a block of settings "Immediate cash collection requests" has been added. The settings allow to send requests for cash collection on the current day before the time specified by the user. Monitoring of such requests is carried out automatically every 5 minutes.

2. On the "Points — Cash register profiles" page, the maximum value of the "Inactivity timeout (minutes)" field has been increased to 1440 minutes, which is 24 hours.

3. On the page "Dispatch — Requests for dispensing cash" in the block for issuing results, the following changes have been implemented:

1) Added the column "Point of dispense".

2) The "Point" column has been renamed to the "Request acceptance point".

3) The columns "Agent", "Date of birth", "Document number" were removed.

4. On the "Monitoring — Detailed hardware status" page, a "Watchdog" column has been added to display the device status. In order for the column to be visible to the user, it is necessary to go to the settings of the current section and add a column to be displayed in the report.

5. On the page "Dispatch — Payment search" in the section for viewing detailed information about the payment, the ability to view cash transfer operations has been added. The link to the operation is contained in the "Dispensed change" block in the "Subsidiary payment with attached change" field.

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