Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.8

1. On the page "Directories — System — Banks" in the section for editing bank it is now possible to specify additional accounts. If such accounts are indicated, the client will be offered a choice of a bank account from the available options when making payment to the budget.

2. On the page "Provider reports — Payment search" added the ability to display additional columns of the report with subsequent export to Excel. The list of additional columns coincides with the list from the section "Dispatch — Payment search". Functionality is available to a user with the "Provider reports — Payments — Add columns" right.

3. On the page "References — Services — SMS/Email receipts" in the section for editing SMS/Email receipts added:

1) Field "Mailing type", which allows to select the method of sending the receipt — by SMS or by email. Additionally a search parameter by mailing type has been added to the filtering block.

2) Warning "Attention! To send an Email receipt, need to fill in the "Miscellaneous — Field code with a phone number for sending Email" field in the service settings".

Features in development

4. On the page "Providers — Providers" in the section for editing the provider's profile, on the "Processing features" tab, the "Write-off for payments processing in favor of payment system" flag has been added. It is displayed to the user with the right "Provider — Manage write-off for payments processing in favor of payment system".

Implementation of the flag handling is planned for the next versions.

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