Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.9

1. For kiosk software version 7 functionality of sending electronic receipts to client's e-mails has been implemented. For this feature the following settings have been added in the processing back office:

1) On the page "References — Services — SMS/Email-receipts" in the sections for creating and editing receipt, the parameter "Mailing type" has been added. It defines the way of receipt delivery: SMS or email.

2) On the "References — Services — Services" page, in the service editing section, on the "Miscellaneous" tab, the "Field code with the address for sending e-mail" parameter is added, which specifies the name of the attribute from the payment form/script.

3) On the page "Points — Points parameters" in the sections for creating and editing parameters on the "Printing settings" tab, the flag "Enable electronic receipt mode" has been added. If the flag is set, point will provide to client who making payment an alternative way to receive check — by sending it to e-mail.

2. On the page "Agent — Other reports — Statistics and profitability by services", the logic of data grouping in the report has been revised — data has been grouped by service. The "Point type" and "Installation place" columns have been removed from the report.

3. On the "Dispatch — Payment templates — Saved templates" page, the work with the table has been improved: deleting records from the table no longer resets the sort by column, does not change the current page and scroll position.

4. On the "Points — Points parameters" page, on the "Printing settings" tab, the "Remaining A4 sheets to create a warning" flag has been added. If the remainder of the sheets reaches the specified threshold value, terminal will display a warning. The flag is implemented for future versions of kiosk software version 8, in the current version it is not processed.

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