Pay-logic processing update version 5.2.0

1. On the page "Agent — Users — Users" added the ability to export the list of users to Excel. For this, a corresponding button has appeared in the filter block. The button is displayed when the user has the "Agent — Users — Upload to Excel" access rule set.

2. On the page "References — Services — SMS/Email-receipts" in the sections for creating and editing receipt, the "Send by point types" flag has been added. If the flag is set, it is possible to select the types of points for which the sending of this SMS/Email receipt will be acting.

3. On the "References — System parameters" page, on the "Security" tab, the ability to upload the access rights of roles to sections of the back office has been added. The data is exported to Excel by clicking the corresponding button.

4. On the page "Dispatch — Payment search" added masking of the bank card number from the id1 payment attribute. The value of the card is masked in the list of results, in the section for viewing detailed information about the payment and when uploading data to Excel. The number is masked for all users, except for the administrator and for payments only for those services that are combined into a group.

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