Pay-logic processing update version 5.3.1

1. Added the ability not to display the number of the change card in the receipt copy. To do this, on the page "Points — Points parameters" in the section for creating/editing parameters on the "Printing settings" tab, the flag "Hide information about the change card on a receipt copy" has been added.

2. It became possible to massively correct payments canceled by the user. The functionality is available on the page "Dispatch — Search for payment" by clicking the "Correct erroneous" option in the "Change payments" section. The payment is adjusted only if the credited amount is greater than 0 and the user's change card has not been redeemed.

3. On the page "Monitoring — Monitoring" in the section for viewing detailed information about the equipment, the display of information about the firmware of the bill acceptor has been added. The information is displayed on the "Basic" tab in the "Bill acceptor" block.

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