Pay-logic processing update version 5.4.1

Improvements in version 5.4.1:

1. In the service settings on the "Payment features" tab, the "Intended for dispense" checkbox has been added.

2. Added checkbox "Do not block Agent’s payment point with negative balance" to the settings of Points parameters.

3. On the page "Dispatch — Cashout operations", the column "Currency of application" (always the currency of processing center) has been added to the table, the column "Currency" has been renamed to "Currency of dispense" (currency of the dispense service).

4. Changed the required field "Agent" to optional on the "Agent — Commission fees" page.

5. Optimized data loading on the "Directories — Versions of directories" page.

6. "Client login" filter has been added to the "Dispatch — Applications for dispensing cash" page.

7. Added new access rules for edit point page:

  • Points — Points — Edit point name
  • Points — Points — Edit point address
  • Points — Points — Custom properties editing

8. Added the ability to add additional columns to the payment table: "Processing time" and "Write-off time" to the excel upload on the "Dispatch — Search for payment" page.

9. Pages " Directories — System — Production calendar", "Dispatch — Entries — Generated entries", "Menu profiles: creating and editing menu item" have been transferred to PrimeFaces.

Improvements in version 5.129:

1. Added the ability to send ping request to the server without checking server certificate.

Improvements in version 7.129:

1. Implemented the ability to work with archives within the kiosk update module.

2. Dispenser curtain for GRG has been set up in the configurator.

Improvements in version 6.15:

1. Implemented saving of z-reports on the server.

2. Added processing of the server parameter "Generate primary accounting documents". For bank account types 407 and 408, pd4 order printing is implemented.

3. Implemented fiscalization of payments when downloading from the registry. Added setting for the payment downloading window: whether to print receipts during such downloading or not.

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