Pay-logic processing update version 5.4.2

Improvements in version 5.4.2:

1. On the page "Directories — Services — Preliminary check modules — create/modify", on the tab " Preliminary check modules" " Directories — Services — Services: create/modify" the length of the default value fields has been increased to 1000.

2. On the "Generated transactions" page, the "Generate" button has been renamed to "Search".

3. The logic for creating cancellation request has been improved. If transaction on which the cancellation request is created has an associated bank transaction and payment source type is external, the request is assigned status "New". Added the ability to manually transfer from "New" status to "Success" status.

4. When creating agent in the third step, the selection of advertising profile was added. When editing agent, the field is displayed on the "Basic" tab.

5. In the report "Agent — Points — Fiscal reports" added the column "Shift number".

6. For services with mobile data entry module opens form with phone number.

7. New parameter "Daily limit" has been added in the "Mass change of points" section. When changing selected points, value from the parameter is applied. If parameter is not filled, then the old value remains.

8. On the "Points — Cash register profiles" page, the "Check for limits" block is visually highlighted (create or edit).

9. "Saved templates" page has been moved to PrimeFaces.

Improvements in version 5.130:

1. Added kkm-settings.log to sending by log request command.

2. Added the ability to print x-report in the configurator during the cash register test, instead of operation for 0.01 kopecks.

3. Added support for KGS currency in the ADM driver (ProNote).

Improvements in version 6.17:

1. Added handling of FeeSum fees charged.

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