Pay-logic processing update version 5.4.3

Improvements in version 5.4.3:

1. In the “Advertising – Advertising campaigns” section on the page for editing advertising banners, in the “Language” field, all languages have become available for selection,and not just those that were marked for use in the account.

2. In the “Points – Points parameters” section on the “Fiscal register settings” tab in the “Settings for opening and closing checkout shifts” section, when the “Unified” checkbox is checked, the blocking time for all days is set to the same as in the first column. In previous versions, the logic was implemented only for the withdrawal time.

3. On the page “Agent – Points – Work with claim”:

  • In the column “Difference of operations and amount cashed out” minus “-” sign has been added to display the shortage;
  • Operation of the “Cashed out” filter with the “Differences, deposited amount” parameter has been corrected: if “Amount by transactions” is 0, and the amount “Cashed out” is positive, then cash collection is included in the selection when the filter “Discrepancy, deposited amount” is set;
  • In order to get records in which there is a difference between the fields “Cashed out” and “Amount on operations”, need to set the flag “Display with a difference” in the filter;
  • Filter “Cashed out” with the value “Discrepancy” displays records with the difference between the fields “Kiosk amount” and “Cashed out”;
  • On the pages "Agent – Points – Collection of kiosks" and "Agent – Points – Work with claim" the same comments are displayed.

4. On the “Monitoring – Monitoring” page, when “Paper end soon” value of the “Printer status” filter parameter is set, the selection includes points at which the receipt tape is running low.

5. On the page “Dispatch – Search for payment”:

  • “Type of service” filter is replaced by autocomplete;
  • For the “Agent” filter “Show in the list” checkbox has been added, when checked, the “Agent” column is added to the page with the results;
  • Added the ability to select several types of points for data filtering.

6. On the “Agent – Users – Users” page:

  • Ability to specify interval for blocking user when editing has been implemented: “Block since” field has been added. Field output added to user list page;
  • When blocking user, the field “Block interval” was removed;
  • Restrictions on entering blocking dates have been added: blocking start date cannot be in the past, left border of the blocking period is greater than the right one.

Improvements in kiosk software version 7.131:

Added support for print devices that work through XFS driver.

Improvements in agent’s workplace version 6.18:

Added dialog for selecting payment by template for universal data entry module.

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