Pay-logic processing update version 5.4.4

Improvements in version 5.4.4:

1. On the menu profile creation page, the "Copy from" field has been replaced with autocomplete.

2. On the page "Dispatch – Search for payments" added:

  • possibility of mass selection of payments for change;
  • filtering by those arbitrary properties of the point and service for which the checkbox "Available for filtering in the dispatch" is checked.

For custom properties, checkbox "Available for filtering in the dispatch" has been added.

3. Implemented the ability to create remuneration profile based on the remuneration profile of a superior agent, if it is implemented on the basis of the basic remuneration profile of an even higher agent. When adding/removing services to the base profile, they are added/removed to/from the child ones.

4. Added following output to the commentary for mass menu change event: service ID; menu profile ID; menu item ID for each changed menu item.

5. On the “System parameters” tab of the “References – System parameters” page, the parameter “Upload format in Excel” has been added: if the parameter of the same name is not specified in the user settings, then the value from the system parameters is used.

6. "Reward profiles" pages: create, edit, black and white list of recipients moved to PrimeFaces.

7. On the "Different – Interface settings" page, the ability to switch between the old and new interface options for the "Agent bonus", "Personal account turnovers", "Point profitability", "Remuneration profiles", "Payment processing directions" pages has been added.

8. On the "Agent – Other reports – Statistics and profitability by services" page, the "Show" selector has been added to the filter, the concept of "Short-received profitability" has been implemented.

9. On the page "Points – Black and white list", the ability to enter bank card numbers has been added.

10. Viewing the amount of internal remuneration received is available to users with "Providers – Providers – View rate" access rule, and editing remuneration rates and provider commissions – " Providers – Providers – Change rate".

Improvements in agent’s workplace version 6.19:

1. Cash deposit has been implemented.

2. Added processing of the flag "Intended for dispensing" from the service settings.

3. Implemented support for selector/list, selector/button and selector/variant screens.

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