Pay-logic processing update version 5.4.5

Improvements in version 5.4.5:

1. The page "Dispatch – Direction of payments processing" was transferred to PrimeFaces. Changes have been made in the interface to provide the ability to configure the routing of the processing direction by attribute according to the selected route (the routing itself will be finalized in future versions).

2. On the pages for creating and editing provider, the ability to fill in information about the bank by BIC has been added: if you enter the BIC, then the name of the bank and correspondent account will be set automatically.

3. On the page "Agent – Points – Work with claim" in the column "Difference of operations and deposited amount", in case of shortage, the value is displayed with a minus sign "-".

4. Pages "Saved statistics", "Statistics", "Custom menu", "Statistics", "Menu – Points – Menu profiles: change menu item" were transferred to PrimeFaces with the ability to switch between old and new design options.

5. The "Menu profiles" page has been moved to PrimeFaces.

6. On the "Monitoring – Monitoring" page, the "Contacted" filter has been added, which allows to exclude points that have never connected to the server from the search results.

7. On the "Monitoring – Events" page, the multiple selection components "Agent" and "Points" have been improved.

8. On the page "Dispatch – Search for payment", the ability to search by account number without reference to time has been implemented. To do this, on the pages "Different – Interface settings" and on the tab "System parameters" of the page "System – System parameters" the parameter "Search period by number on the page "Payment search". Valid values: "Selected period", "Current month", "Current quarter". The default value is "Selected period". If value “Current month” or “Current quarter” is specified, then after entering the number on the page “Dispatch – Search for payment”, the dates are replaced with the corresponding values, next to the start date, an icon is displayed to return the previously entered dates. The value on the "Different – Interface settings" page overrides the value specified in system preferences.

9. On the "Agent – Registries – Accepted registries" page, the "Download" button has been added. When click on it, dialog box opens with the ability to select a file for downloading and value of the "Incoming registry settings" parameter: the file is saved to the path corresponding to the value specified in this parameter. Possible values of the "Incoming registries settings" parameter are set on the "Agent — Registries — Incoming registries settings" page.

Improvements in agent’s workplace version 6.20:

1. Implemented accounting for security requirements for password when changing it.

2. Implemented the ability to configure the forced change of the cashier's password.

3. Implemented the ability to withdraw cash when the agent's balance is negative.

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