Pay-logic processing update version 5.4.6

Improvements in version 5.4.6:

1. Added subtypes of money transfer "Account replenishment": "Canceled", "Refund". Added types of money transfers: "Warning", "Penalty". On the page "Agent – Money transfers – Money transfers" the filter parameter "Status of money transfer" has been added. When deleting a money transfer, the record remains in the database, but is marked as deleted – the rest of the deletion logic is preserved.

2. On the page for creating menu profile, in the "Point menu – Menu profiles" section, the visibility of the "Hide in filters" field has been added.

3. On the "References – Services – Services" page, when the "Active" checkbox is unchecked, a dialog box opens in which you can set the dates and times for the start and end of the service blocking. Blocking start and end dates cannot be in the past, and the end date cannot be earlier than the start date.

4. Changing the "Working schedule" field on the page for creating and editing point is available to users with the "Monitoring – Working schedule – Change" access rule.

5. Added "Download" button to the "Accepted registries" page. When click on it, a dialog box opens with the ability to select a file and settings for incoming registries. The file is saved to the download path specified in the settings of the incoming registries.

6. On the page "Monitoring – Monitoring the services operation", the "Point" filter has been added, which allows to generate data only taking into account payments accepted at the selected point.

7. On the "Agent settings" tab of the "References — System settings" page, the "Number of entries on the Agents page" parameter has been added, which allows to split the display of the list on the "Agent — Agents" page into several pages. Default value: 1000

8. On the user editing page “Agent – Users – Users”, when adding/editing delivery address, if phone number is used, it can be specified both in the format “+7xxxxxxxxxx” and in the format without “+”.

9. The "References – Services – Services" page has been transferred to PrimeFaces.

Improvements in agent’s workplace version 6.21:

1. The "Comment" field has been added to the payment register format.

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