Parcel lockers
Storage lockers
Food lockers

Our company offers:
Complete hardware-software solution including parcel locker, food locker or storage locker and specialized software
Supply of specialized software for customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits
Improve quality of delivery service
Overall cost reduction
Solution of the last mile problem
Use of modern logistics technologies
Customization and refinement of software
for customer requirements
Business goal
Parcel lockers
Food lockers
Automatic storage lockers
Allows to build wide delivery network, covering mailings, pickup points, remote commerce and online stores. Efficient installation sites - shopping or business centers, metro stations, transport hubs, housing cooperatives.
Effectively automate delivery of grocery orders, sale of ready-made food by grocery chains, online stores, farms, improve quality of service and expand geography of the service.
Provide modern service of chargeable and non-chargeable storage for beaches, water parks, airports, railway stations, transport hubs, supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, educational establishments, sports and leisure facilities.
Standard application
Pick up of parcels, orders, correspondence, grocery products
After placing the parcel by courier in parcel locker, client Immediately receives notification through the selected channel - SMS/E-mail/Telegram, arrives at device, enters phone number, order ID or other registration data, pays for the parcel in cash or by bank card, picks it up from the opened cell and take receipt.

Device can be equipped with webcams for video recording of parcel placing by the courier and receiving by the customer. Supported return of goods, removal of parcels by courier due to lack of demand.
Send of parcels and correspondence
Customer log into the system to confirm delivery address, specifies index, recipient’s phone number, other data, select cell that matches the size of the parcel, makes payment, put the parcel in the cell and take receipt.
Temporary placement of items in storage locker
For authorization in the storage system can be used PIN code, QR code/barcode, RFID card or bracelet and also biometric data. Payment for storage is automatically calculate before returning items from the cell and made in cash or by bank card.

It is possible to combine several storage lockers evenly distributed throughout the area and connected with payment kiosk, for example, in aqua park. In this case, customer put personal belongings in the nearest cell, when leaving the establishment, customer pay through the self-service kiosk for storage service and take things back from the cell.
Different scenarios of the courier operations
Special rights for:
  • Opening cells to place packages
  • Unclaimed parcels taking
  • Opening empty cells for service or cleaning
Installation locations
Parcel and food lockers:
  • Shops, supermarkets, malls
  • Residential complexes
  • Railway stations, airports, metro stations
  • Transport hubs, gas stations, parkings
Automatic storage lockers:
  • Ski resorts
  • Water parks, pools, beaches
  • Event venues, concert halls
  • Sports grounds, ice rinks
  • Educational establishments
  • Cultural and leisure facilities
Payment systems
Software features and integration with various peripherals allows:
Accept cash
Dispense change
Accept bank cards
Pay via mobile services
Apply e-wallets
Device options
We implement standard devices and fully customized solutions for specific tasks. Parcel, food or storage lockers include unique cell sizes, climate control - cooling, heating of sections, as well as custom software scenarios.

Our solutions are great for building specialized network of devices for delivery and storage of food and medical products.
Integration options
Our solution integrates with the customer's accounting system through the REST-API.
Turnkey project
Our capabilities and experience allow to develop turnkey system, including:
Mobile application for tracking orders
  • Package tracking
  • Choose the location of parcel locker for delivery
  • Choose of pick up and storage conditions
  • Notifications about changes in the shipping status
  • Feedback, technical support
Back office - logistics management center
  • Build medium or large network of devices
  • Full control over the movement of orders
  • Organization of warehousing
  • Maintain the efficiency of the entire logistics infrastructure
Supports customization of the interface, functionality expansion, advertising opportunities!
Technical monitoring
System includes technical monitoring module of all hardware components, fullness of boxes, cells and emergency alert module. Control the opening of cells, receiving parcels. Customer of solution can track current status of device in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it
Update system
Built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Ways of obtaining software license:
Purchase software license
Use cloud software by subscription
Due to the various acquisition options for Pay-logic software, our solution is suitable for small, medium-sized and large business.
Solution refinements
Standard refinements for customer solutions include:
Possibility of using climate control system - heating, cooling
Branding payment interface in corporate colors or using white label concept
Integration of device system with customer's accounting system
Development of advertising banners
Adjusting payment scenario for specific business requirements
Combining parcel, food or storage locker with payment kiosk for payment of any third-party services
Adaptation to new currency and language, including creation of multilingual interfaces
Any software modifications are possible at the customer’s request!
Supply of turnkey
hardware-software solution
For long period of activity in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer complete solution in the format software + parcel, food or storage locker for various business areas
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