Pay-logic processing update version 4.9.0
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.9.0
Tire and automotive products sales network «Podkova» chooses Soft-logic kiosks
We complete the launch of self-service kiosks with our specialized software in the Podkova sales network, one of the leaders in the wholesale and retail trade of tires and automotive components in Western Siberia
Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.9
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.8.9
Self-service ticket kiosks for ticket vendors
Our software for ticketing sale via self-service kiosks has received a number of updates. Ticket vendors can use the device to deploy their ticket websites at kiosks and organize the most up-to-date ticket sales format
Loyalty systems support: new functionality for kiosks
Our updated software for widescreen kiosks with modern web interfaces now supports loyalty systems with different conditions
Do not waste time developing self-service checkouts. Choose Soft-logic!
Use our software and hardware solution and implement self-service checkouts for business of any scale
Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.8
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.8.8
Manufacturing enterprises choose Soft-logic solutions
Soft-logic company announces the launch of self-service kiosks in Iron Felix company – the largest regional manufacturer of window parts
Tire store automation: Nortec kiosks functional description
A detailed functional description of kiosks implemented for Nortec company. The launched network of kiosks fully automates choosing, paying for goods and printing invoices for receiving them at the warehouse.

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