Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.6
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.8.6
Cashless payment of tips for Russian Standard Bank based on SmartKeeper
Soft-logic company announces the launch of a new service «Tips from card», implemented jointly with Russian Standard Bank. The solution provides an opportunity for customers, when they pay bills in restaurants and cafes, to transfer non-cash tips to the waiters personal accounts which have been opened in the Wallet.rsb.ru e-wallet (developed on the basis of the SmartKeeper e-wallet platform). Service is in high demand among service employees due to a reduce of cash among the customers.
Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.5
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.8.5
Features update for kiosks in fitness clubs
We continue to work on improving the capabilities of our new software for widescreen kiosks used in fitness clubs, wellness and sports areas. We are ready to share information about the new features and capabilities that are being developed and implemented in accordance with the customers requirements and the development of this sector.
SmartKeeper e-wallet update for Azerpost
We completed the project of updating the PostPay e-wallet based on SmartKeeper for Azerpost national postal service, which provides postal and financial services in Azerbaijan.
Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.4
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.8.4
Software update for widescreen kiosks
We inform about the software update for widescreen kiosks with modern web interfaces. We continue develop solution following the customers wishes and the planned functionality.
Soft-logic company presentation update
We inform about release of a new version of the company presentation. We collected data on specialization, competencies, main development sectors. Told more about the achievements (70+ projects in 22 countries), the number of employees (35 specialists), the timeline (11 years) with the main events since the company was founded.
Pay-logic processing update version 4.8.3
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.8.3

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