Multifunctional crypto ATMs for Bironex from Soft-logic
We launched multifunctional crypto ATMs for purchase and sale cryptocurrencies with regular payments acceptance feature for Bironex company — the largest cryptocurrency exchange service in Kyrgyzstan
Cooperation with parcel locker manufacturers
In the first quarter of 2020 our company completed several significant projects for the implementation of parcel lockers software. For the development of software complex we are looking for reliable parcel locker manufacturers
Pay-logic processing update version 4.9.6
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.9.6
Features update for kiosks in fitness clubs
We continue to work on improving the capabilities of our new software for widescreen kiosks used in fitness clubs, wellness and sports areas
Launch of the Fast payment system in Beeline payment kiosks
We announce the implementation of the Fast payment system in payment kiosks of Beeline sales offices, which have been using Pay-logic software since the end of 2019
Queue management system from Soft-logic
We are announcing that our electronic queuing system development will soon be completed. The software is an independent, fully functional product that takes into account all the requirements for modern systems
Pay-logic processing update version 4.9.5
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 4.9.5
Self-service kiosks for digital content
Our technologies allow to deploy any interactive storefronts or websites with an unlimited amount of digital keys or activation codes
Software for smart terminals from Soft‑logic
We are launching a section dedicated to the software development for smart cash registers — smart terminals and Android POS terminals

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