Hoff hypermarket chain chooses Smartix electronic queue
Hoff hypermarket chain, one of the largest Russian furniture and home goods chains, chooses the Smartix electronic queue to automate customer flows
Pay-logic processing update version 5.3.9
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 5.3.9
Loyalty systems support at Smartix self-checkouts
Smartix self-checkout’s software now supports loyalty systems. User can accumulate and write off bonuses within the total bill for the goods cart
Smartix electronic displays support Smart TV and Android TV
Smartix electronic queue system supports various hardware configurations for running the electronic display service, including Smart TV and Android TV
Pay-logic processing update version 5.3.8
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 5.3.8
Smartix e-queue: running line feature
Smartix electronic queue now supports the running line functionality. Refinement allows to share any information with visitors and customers even before they interact with the system
Smartix lockers automate dispatch offices
RT Line carrier chose Smartix lockers to automate dispatch offices in the field of passenger transportation on municipal routes
Possibilities for displaying content at Smartix kiosks
Smartix kiosks support all possibilities of modern web technologies, allows displaying any content on the device, including websites, showcases of goods or services, and interactive elements
Smartix parcel locker’s combine dispensing and sale of goods
Smartix offers a solution for typical tasks for stores using ready-made boxed software for combining dispense and sale of goods through self-service lockers

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