Self-service kiosks for retail

Our company offers:
Complete hardware-software solution including self-service kiosk and specialized software
Supply of specialized software for customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits for retail and self-service checkout
Increase speed
and quality of service
Reduce staff costs
Usе kiosks
as advertising panels
Usе kiosks for marketing functions
- dispensing discount coupons
Connecting link between
offline and online commerce
First step towards stores without sellers
Business goal
Automation of commercial points of various scales with use of self-service kiosks can significantly reduce overall costs, provide faster and better service and variability in product selection and payment in accordance with the modern requirements of customers.
Self-service kiosks solve wide range of tasks for retail:
Implementation of modern technologies and e-commerce features
Full automation of purchasing products in retail chains
Increase customer flow and quality of customer experience
Increase customer loyalty, coverage of wider and more targeted consumer group
Implementation of the client's personal account system for replenishment, payment for goods, transfer of cash change, accumulation of bonuses
Acceptance of cash, bank cards
Decrease in personnel costs, turnover, training dependency, tax costs
Reduction of space allocated for cash desks, compact equipment
Collection of statistics about demand for goods
Display advertising banners and videos in the interface, on the second monitor
Standard application scenarios
Payment for previously placed
order via the Internet
Process description:
Self-service kiosk allows to identify an order placed on the website of the store by number, phone number or other ID, make payment in cash or by bank card, take receipt and pick up goods at store
Example of interface:
Make order via kiosk interface
and payment
Process description:
Customer choose required set of products through interactive menu of self-service kiosk, add it to shopping cart, pay for it using any payment method, take receipt and pick up goods at store
Example of interface:
Generation of barcode
with data about goods by staff and payment
Process description:
Self-service kiosk can be equipped with barcode scanner, webcam for scanning various types of barcodes. Customer choose goods in the sales area, then it scanned by staff at exit, customer take barcode, bring it to the self-service kiosk, pay for goods and leave the sales area using dispensed receipt
Example of interface:
Self-service checkout
of goods by customer and payment
Process description:
Customers can create shopping cart of goods on their own in the sales area, come to the self-service kiosk, scan all purchases, pay and leave shop with receipt
Example of interface:
Independent creation of shopping cart by customer through interactive interface
Scanning of QR codes and barcodes of goods in the sales area through kiosk
Ability to quickly pay for goods through kiosk and get products by receipt
Use discount system - cards, coupons and other loyalty programs
Ability to integrate with online sales channels of the retail chain
Application areas
Self-service kiosk is easily adaptable to all types of commercial activities:
Consumer electronics, household appliances stores
Convenience stores (drogerie)
Sporting goods stores
Shops of hardware, finishing materials and equipment
Goods for home and garden (DIY‑shops)
Beauty and makeup stores
Clothing, shoes stores (boutiques)
Auto services, auto part stores
Any other outlets
Technical monitoring
System includes technical monitoring module and emergency alert module. Customer can monitor kiosk's current status in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it.
Update system
Built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Depending on the scale of automation, size of the customer and ultimate goal of the solution, it is possible:
Purchase software license
Use cloud software by monthly or annual subscription
Due to the various acquisition options for Pay-logic software, our solution is suitable not only for medium-sized retail outlets and large retail chains, but also for small private shops of any size.
and customization
Transfer of change to mobile phone account at self-service kiosks
Use of Face-analytics
(face recognition) technology to determine the gender, age of the client, belonging to a specific target group and offer of products and discounts on certain goods/services
Voice control, combination of self-service kiosk with interactive displays
Flexible adaptation of the complex, including payment scenarios, to specific business requirements
Use self-service kiosk with vending machine as one device - selling snacks, coffee, or dispensing it as bonus for payment or instead of change
Adaptation to new currency and language, including creation of multilingual interfaces
Any software modifications are possible at customer’s request!
Implementation of new
features for retail

In addition to the possibility of payment, our company can offer introduction of parcel lockers and storage lockers. Using complete solution from our company retailer can provide the following processes:

  • Payment and self pick-up of order by the client at parcel locker
    (no need staff member to dispense or deliver goods)
  • Attract of new customer's category - people who value their time

Customer remotely create and pay for order, employee collects the shopping cart, places it in the food locker or storage locker. Customer pick up the order at a convenient time, without the need to visit the sales area and waste time searching for goods and making payment at the checkout.

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