Processing center


Pay-logic processing center is powerful, modern, scalable and fastly integrated payment platform that provides payment acceptance using various payment tools for banks, cellular operators, payment systems and other commercial organizations.

Payment instruments
Solution is based on Pay‑logic payment hub and includes various payment acceptance tools:
Self-service kiosks
Payment kiosks
Electronic cashiers
Android POS‑terminals
Mobile devices
Personal computers
(Agent’s workplace)
Web applications
XML protocol
Build wide payment acceptance network
in region or all over the country
The use of various payment instruments
Connect and merge any number
of different service providers
Ensure system participants
online interaction
A multilingual and multicurrency support -
an adaptation to any requirements
A specialized solution which is already used
in 20 countries of the world
10 000 +
Points - at one system
1 MM +
Payments - maximum
daily volume
400 MM +
Records — maximum size of the table
of the operated system
A multifunctional infrastructure for managing settlements and money transfers between system participants
Integration with various payment solutions - cash, cards, e-money
Organization of payments in favor of large number of service providers (over 5000)
Building an extensive network with the ability to combine heterogeneous service providers in a single payment system
Connection of any service providers, including the providers without their own protocol
A prepaid and postpaid dealing with suppliers
Setting limits and providing overdrafts to payment agents using processing balance
Dynamic management of business rules at payment processing and financial flows at the processing level
Setting payment scenarios of any complexity
Configuration of information exchange with suppliers - online protocols, sending schedules for registries
An extremely flexible setting of remuneration rules for system members
A technical and financial monitoring through multifunctional back office
Fast connection of service providers due to universal integration tool
High performance and scalability
Integrated complex monitoring system. Rapid response to abnormal situations
Customizable reports and upload forms for statistic data
Software uses only free components. No need to purchase any dditional software when launching a solution
Online and offline support
Remote control of the entire payment acceptance network via the back office
Highest security level - SSL, two-factor authentication, fraud monitoring system
Fault tolerance
It's possible to customize or modify the complex on request
Options for setting up services
  • Flexible structuring and sorting options
  • Regional linking
  • Setting min./max. amount of payment for service
  • Setting commission fee, rounding
  • Various payment options and currency acceptance
  • Payment processing delay
  • Forced user identification when making payment
  • Online/offline payment processing
  • Offer of other services after making payment
Payment scenario features
A system owner can independently add large number of services and configure payment scenarios. Scenario created in the system is available simultaneously at all payment acceptance points.
Ability to create rules for switching to other screens, including returning to the previous screen
Ability to perform mathematical operations with data
Ability to use conditions, cycles, branch points
Ability to pay for several services/product items within one service and dispense separate receipt for each payment
Ability to use online requests to get any data performed in real time. Specified parameters are transferred to the server within the online request, attributes can be returned from the server in case of successful response. Returned attributes are placed in the context of the script and are available as well as any previously defined or created variables after the execution of the online request
Ability to use interactive dialogues
Localization, multilingual support
Monitoring features
Back office contains detailed information on the technical condition of payment kiosk equipment, bill acceptor fullness, dispenser condition, availability of thermal receipt paper, quality of connection, necessity for cash collection, and also blocked and idle points.
Back office displays all Information about events at the kiosk, types of alerts and delivery methods - SMS, E-mail, Telegram, ICQ, XMPP (Jabber) can be configured. Support remote control of kiosks and remote software updating.
Self-service kiosks
Payment kiosks
Electronic cashiers

Kiosk software, which is an integral part of Pay-logic processing center, makes it possible to organize efficient work of multi-functional network of self-service kiosks that allows to accept payments for unlimited number of service providers with flexible commission fee settings or automate accepting payments for your own goods and services.

Soft-logic kiosk software supports a large number of peripheral devices - dispensers, bill acceptors, cash recyclers, thermal printers, etc. We also carry out regular work on enlarging the number of supported devices and are always ready for integration at customer’s request.

Interface and scenarios of the device are fully customizable. It supports advertising functionality - banners, videos, ads on the second monitor, on the receipts.

Technology stack
Interaction with DBMS
JPA, Hibernate, JDBCTemplates, JDBC
Data exchange
App servers/Web servers
GlassFish, Wildfly (formerly JBoss), Tomcat
PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL
Load balancing
Apache, Nginx
Operation systems
Linux (RedHat, Oracle, CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse)
Our own distribution kit
Pay‑logic Linux 28
Agent workplace
Pay-logic Agent workplace software solution helps to organize stationary payment acceptance points using a personal computer with such additional peripheral equipment as a receipt printer, a fiscal recorder.
Agent workplace payment acceptance point does not depend on the quality of Internet connection - it allows to download directories, accumulate payments and send it to server when connection is return again after lost or at selected time interval.
Support for various external equipment - fiscal printers, receipt printers, QR code readers.
Solution allows
To accept and track payments anywhere remotely via the back office, supported online and offline payments processing (if there is no Internet connection)
To download payment registries in csv format
To download payments in xml format
If it is necessary, solution can be connected to the banking system. It is perfect to organize cashier workplaces to accept payments at banks using cash desks, as well as other places where personal computers can be installed.
Accept payments using any payment scenarios with mobile, universal and advanced data entry modules
Receive offline and online payments
Use a custom menu profile at the processing server
Work in the mode of receiving single payments or a cart of payments
Payments cancellation
Manage access policy using different user roles from the processing server
Cashiers authorization by a password or a certificate
Multi-user operations
Migration of cashiers between the points of different agents
Work within cash desk shifts
Cash collection, including cash desk shifts
Payers identification - check at databases
Local reporting: shift results, search of payments by shifts and periods
Print of various payment documents: PD4 forms, stamps, a reverse side, an order receipt, additional documents at the second printer
Technology stack
Java SE, Swing, Jax-Ws, JavaPrinting
Minimum system requirements for application
  • OS Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) or Linux
  • CPU 2+ GHz, with 2+ cores
  • RAM 1+ GB
  • Internet connection
Mobile payment acceptance point
The application for Android-based devices that allows to organize payment acceptance using mobile terminal with minimal costs. Moreover, application has got the function of receiving financial reports on services.
The application allows to organize acceptance of payments with minimal costs anywhere in the world. It requires only a mobile device with the installed application connected to Internet. A bluetooth printer can be optionally connected to the device for printing receipts.
It is possible to make payments locally in the application without connection, and send the payment data to the server when connection is available
It is possible to refill accounts of lower agents and provide an overdraft for them
Monitoring of payment queues, statuses, resending
It is possible to view reports on the amount and number of payments for certain period in the context of services, carrying out cash collections and sending data about them to the server
Technology stack
Android SDK
Minimum system requirements for application
  • Android 4.0+
and multicurrency

Our solution supports internationalization (i18n) - adaptation at the stage of development and implementation, and localization (l10n) - reworking for use in specific region.

Multicurrency and multilanguage is supported with the ability to switch settings in back office and on payment fronts

The expansion of payment acceptance network points and list of payment instruments
Operations simplification with financial and information flows
Turnkey solution without risks associated with developing from scratch
Minimum cost of ownership
Support 24/7
Supply options
License purchase
Cloud solution
Licensed parts
Solution core
Client license packages
Additional modules
Source codes
Minimum license cost
$ 30 000
Minimum cost of server hardware
$ 10 000*
Additional software cost
Basic solution support (% of license cost per year)
15 %
Total minimum investments
$ 40 000 * - ability to use cloud service
Licensed parts
Solution core
Client license packages
Additional modules
Cost of services using cloud
from $ 1000/month
Additional software cost
Complex maintenance
Basic solution support
  • System configuration
  • Adding of new services
  • Payment problems analysis
  • Consultations on the system
Administration of the complex
  • Configuration of the system software
  • Payment software update
  • OS components update
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ability to operate 24/7
Refinements of the complex
  • New functionality implementation
  • Connection of the new services
  • Mobile platforms refinement
Staff required for support by the customer
Staff required for support and self-development of the complex by the customer himself
Basic level
Only a business analyst. In this case, all the work on the system is performed by the Soft-logic company.
Advanced level
A business analyst, a complex support specialist
Staff required for support and self-development of the complex by the customer himself
Maximum level
A business analyst, a complex support specialist, a java developer, mobile application developers
Complex launching
Preliminary requirements analysis
Estimation of cost
and terms of work
Remote installation of solution components via remote channels (ssh)
Carrying out various integrations
Launch of providers, SMS-providers, integration with bank/financial company subsystems
Initial complex setup, adding initial pool of services
Comprehensive testing
The solution is given to the customer
Mandatory work
  • Operating system configuration
  • Installation and configuration of PostgreSQL DBMS
  • Installation and configuration of Apache web server
  • Firewall setup
  • Installation and configuration of GlassFish application servers
  • Deploy Pay-logic components
  • Solution initial setup
Additional work
  • Development and integration of individual design — from 160 working hours/from 1 months
  • Provider connection — from 20 working hours/from 4 days
  • Integration with bank/financial institution systems — from 80 working hours/from 3 weeks
  • Integration with SMS provider from 8 working hours/from 1 day
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