Multifunctional crypto ATMs for Bironex from Soft-logic

We launched multifunctional crypto ATMs for purchase and sale cryptocurrencies with regular payments acceptance feature. The customer is Bironex company — the largest cryptocurrency exchange service in Kyrgyzstan, which is developing network of crypto ATMs under the Unipay brand. At the initial stage network has 20 devices installed in Bishkek.

Cryptocurrencies sale & purchase

Kiosk is used as multifunctional cryptocurrency purchase and sale platform. To purchase client enters his personal account number, select currency from the list (now there is 4 types are supported — Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Opes Protocol), deposit cash and refill his crypto wallet. Pay-logic software for crypto ATMs allows simple addition of any existing cryptocurrencies.

To sell cryptocurrency client needs to enter dispense code, which was previously requested in the Bironex personal account and sent via SMS. After code activation kiosk will dispense cash.

If the cash dispense amount contains small bills or denomination of some banknotes in the dispenser has been exhausted, kiosk software will take this into account and will suggest user to enter the number of personal wallet in the system, which will be used for transfer this amount. The client will be able to withdraw that amount later in cash or spend it on regular payments.

Regular payments acceptance

Currently, payment kiosks have standard set of 10 most popular Kyrgyz services — mobile operators, utilities, entertainment.

In the near future Soft-logic specialists will increase the number of service providers for payment, based upon the needs of the Unipay end customers. Also, if necessary the software has a flexible mechanism for independent addition of services by the system owner.

Further development of the solution includes not only the launch of new services types, but also the deployment of full-fledged loan provision service via kiosks, with client photographing, passport scanning and application confirmation.

The project clearly demonstrates capabilities of Pay-logic software for transforming a payment kiosk into multi-functional platform that combines a variety of services. We are ready to deploy functionality of any complexity using self-service devices, as well as to further develop software solutions for customers following their business requirements and consumer features.

Further development of solution includes not only the launch of new services types, but also the deployment of full-fledged service for the issuance and redemption of microloans through self-service kiosks, with full customer identification. Clients photographing, passport scanning with automatic recognition of customer data, as well as automatic confirmation of loan application will be added to the loan issue scenario.

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