Self-service kiosks for automation of hair salon and beauty franchises

Automation of hairdressing salons, barbershops, beauty salons, SPA salons using self-service kiosks and electronic cashiers is no longer a new thing for small and medium-sized companies of beauty service market. The interest of large networks in ready-made software and hardware solutions is also growing rapidly.

Soft-logic company announces the possibility of using our own software for self-service kiosks in hair salon and beauty franchises.

Key advantage of the solution is the ability to operate with kiosks through a remote back office online. Franchise owner can quickly connect payment points, organize agent and sub-agent networks, view statistics, total turnover by points, conduct flexible analytics and financial monitoring.

Use of self-service kiosks significantly reduces or completely eliminates the costs of a cash desk, provide modern format for selling of beauty services and related products (all payments are processed in compliance with 54-Federal law). In the long term solution allows to significantly reduce the financial costs of royalty, which will lead to even greater demand from potential franchisees and expansion of the franchise business.

Franchisees use all modern functionality on the basis of a self-service payment kiosk – payment for services (service subtypes) and purchase of beauty products, payment cart, promotional campaigns and loyalty programs, “smart” calculation of periodic free services, discount coupons with activation by time/from a certain amount of payment, accounting work timesheets of employees through the kiosk system.

Depending on the saloon’s rate can be chosen a certain kiosk with standard or widescreen display, cash/non-cash payment method, set of peripheral equipment for solving various tasks – barcode scanner, webcam, voice control system, face recognition, etc. External view of the kiosk can be stylized and decorated in accordance with the interior. Kiosk can be a full-fledged information or advertising digital signage.

It is possible to create complete redesign, rebranding of interfaces, white label or custom interface development based on the company's extensive experience in developing interfaces for various fields of activity.

Soft-logic company software can be licensed or used in cloud-based format – monthly/annual subscription is a beneficial advantage for the development of a franchise. Integrator can set additional price on our cloud software above the established and make profit.

Our software has proven its effectiveness for small, medium and large hairdressing and barbershop business. Implementation of the solution in the franchise network will allow franchisees to get new, popular functionality, attract more customers and significantly reduce costs. At the same time, they will have one of the most advanced tools for automating sales, improved quality of service and more time and financial opportunities to attract even more qualified masters. Flexible promotional features in the kiosk interface, bonus system, discounts, product offers to related services will allow to steadily expand customer base – this is a key factor for the franchise owner and his franchisee.

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