TouchPay (MEPS)

Manila Express Payment System - network of payment kiosks operating under TouchPay brand in the Philippines, uses capabilities of Pay-logic processing center to provide payments for utility services, cellular operators, public services, insurance, education services, loans and large number of other services, is one of the largest payment networks in the Asian region. Includes number of exclusive local services that can be paid only at the network of TouchPay payment kiosks. Include large agent’s network.

As result of partnership agreement MEPS provides exclusive rights to refill the balance of the Globe Telecom operator through its own payment kiosks in the Philippines. Globe Telecom occupies 52% of the market of cellular operators with 63 million users and it is the most popular provider of communication services in the country.
TouchPay payment kiosks are also include cinema, theater, entertainment ticket sales module, and use to sell tickets for long-distance bus routes, train tickets and air tickets, regional features of the country do not require passport scanning, so all data is entered manually by users. If the customer needs identification and confirmation of user data (passport scanning, biometric data) Soft-logic is fully ready for this integration.

Customer actively uses wide possibilities of Pay-logic advertising module to sell advertising sites on the second monitor and powerful promotional campaign mechanism that allows organizing dispense of discount coupons when users paying for number of services in time. These features allow to attract more users to pay for services through self-service kiosks.

Due to the national and geographical features of the Philippines, TouchPay brings together large number of service providers with international format and including not only local companies, but also providers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and the United States.

Extensive features of Pay-logic software provided an opportunity for the customer to quickly and cost-effectively set up integration with service providers of different types and technology levels. Accepting online and offline payments, selling PIN codes, working with preloaded customer lists, integrating gateways of any complexity allowed to create common payment center for different types of data across the country and to act TouchPay company as multifunctional payment integrator.
Key metrics
700 +
Payment kiosks
300 +
Unique services
30 000 +
Payments per day
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