uPay is payment service represented by network of payment kiosks located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Capabilities of Pay-logic processing center make it possible to accept payments in favor of 70 cellular operators from around the world, as well as a lot of local and international providers of various services. Customer uses branded interface, translated into 5 languages improve the usability of the kiosks by multinational contingent of local residents and tourists.

Ability to pay for cellular operators from all over the world is realized through Pay-logic gateway with TransferTo system (currently renamed as DT One) and covers more than 550 mobile operators.

In the process of integration with two largest telecom operators in UAE - Du and Etisalat, Soft-logic implemented USSD gateways based on GSM modems with the ability to accept payments for communication services in favor of operators by sending USSD requests to refill subscriber’s accounts. As result, customer received fault-tolerant and high-performance solution that meets technological features of the region.

At customer's request was implemented refill system for the Salik toll road system using RFID tags that register non-stop travel through the automatic gates located on UAE transport routes and write off funds.
One of the settlement system features of United Arab Emirates is active use of prepaid cards by the population. uPay payment terminals allow both instant transfer of payment to the account and dispense of prepaid receipts with PIN-code of service for payment in future, using as prepaid cards and scratch cards. In addition to the payment for regular services, payment kiosks also provide opportunity to purchase tickets from any well-known airline, simple and fast payment of purchases at online stores.

Kiosk interface includes payment cart, search functionality and partial input of the service name, automatically showing service providers when the characters match in the request. After making any payment client can check status of the payment directly in the interface of the payment kiosk. Large set of search criteria allows to see history and status of payments by phone number, paid amount, date, receipt number or kiosk number.

Calendar functionality allows setting payment for all services on specific day. It is possible to create payment templates that link the periodic payment of certain services to specific days.

Flexible promotions allow customer to use reward system for users when they pay for certain services - free one-time balance refill, discounts for some services, dispense of discount coupons.

uPay system include currency conversion mechanisms. When making payment funds are converted and transferred to providers at requested currency. This functionality is supported by default at Pay-logic processing core and is highly demanded in foreign projects.
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