DPD International transport company chooses Smartix parcel lockers

Did you see parcel locker in the supermarket near the house? Maybe you already have it in your entrance? The future is now! Delivery automation business is increasingly focusing on parcel lockers instead of couriers and pick-up points: there is no need to wait for delivery at a certain time, to adapt to the work schedule of the pick-up point. No more personal contacts — cell will open upon request and promptly give the order. The era of the implementation of new delivery formats in courier services has begun — automated dispense of orders through automatic parcel lockers.

Business was convinced of the unprofitability of a large number of pickup points, adjusted to the trend towards a reduction in personal contacts, and appreciated the ease of expanding the geography of the service — installing parcel locker as close as possible to the end customer is easier than opening pick-up point and maintaining a staff.

In October 2021, the Belarusian branch of the international logistics corporation DPD ("DPD Bel" FLLC) began to implement Smartix parcel lockers. Together with the Belarusian partner SONET GROUP LLC (self-service systems integrator), Smartix team implemented all the stages from delivery to maintenance of the network of parcel lockers in the Republic of Belarus.

DPD Bel highly appreciated the convenience, functionality and performance of the Smartix software, as a result, it was decided to transfer the existing DPD network of locker’s, which previously used third-party software, to the Smartix software.

Why DPD chooses Smartix

Smartix offers a full range of services for the development, supply, integration with existing systems of the customer. Commissioning and maintenance of the network of parcel lockers — all tasks are performed by Smartix specialists. The question of working with several contractors is removed and the problem of finding and organizing the combined work of different specialists and suppliers is eliminated.

As part of the DPD project, Smartix completed all the required improvements to its own software to suit the business tasks of the customer and took into account the requirements of the Belarusian legislation, integrated with DPD systems both on the side of Belarus and on the side of the parent organization in Russia, connected all the necessary Belarusian services (SMS notifications, etc.).

How functional is the Smartix system

Smartix parcel lockers are one of the most functional solutions on the self-service device market. The solution meets all the needs of customers for a modern network of lockers:

  • The use of advanced industry developments in production, the appropriate quality of products, a wide range of models for any needs of the client.
  • Sophisticated, customizable business processes for entering, dispensing and returning parcels.
  • Built-in video surveillance system to record the process of loading and withdrawing parcels, which simplifies the resolution of disputes.
  • Service of SMS notifications and generation of PIN-codes, as well as push notifications.
  • Support for multi-package shipments, the ability to simultaneously open multiple cells for a multi-place order. In this case, the client receives a single SMS after entering all the parcels from the order.
  • One of the most functional systems for technical monitoring of devices on the market, which allows timely identify technical malfunctions, maintain uninterrupted network operation and high quality of service.
  • Possibility of operation of parcel lockers even in offline mode. Thanks to the directory system built into the Smartix software and the ability to accumulate data about events that are sent to the server when the connection is restored. Reliability of the complex for operation in any conditions is achieved.
  • Quick launch of both new projects and modernization of existing networks of parcel lockers, including the transfer of existing equipment under the control of Smartix software.

If a business already has ready-made devices from other manufacturers, Smartix software can be easily integrated with existing equipment and flexibly adapted to any task.

How to install Smartix software

The software is installed on the customer's server under a license or delivered in a cloud format. You can make a pilot launch in the cloud, evaluate the effectiveness and decide on the launch of a large-scale network of devices.

Smartix is a modern, high-quality and reliable solution: from installation to maintenance of parcel lockers, cooperation with a professional team of specialists with the highest experience and relevant competencies.

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