Modern minimarket: self-checkouts or mobile application

In the concept of minimarket, vending machines with ready-made food in most cases rely on mobile commerce technologies. To make a purchase user needs to download the application to his smartphone, make registration and bind bank card. Food is paid by scanning the QR code on the package.

This approach is quite viable, but there are number of limiting factors:

  • Downloading application and performing additional actions is not so simple and convenient for ordinary users and entails reduction in the number of new customers.
  • For some people binding a bank card is a formal barrier to making a purchase — transferring card data to third-party companies may carry the risk of loss and theft of funds.
  • Additional problem is that the Internet connection is not always stable in minimarket locations, for example on the first floors of business centers. Difficulties in using the application and paying for products not only reduce the number of potential customers, but also create reputational losses for the business.

Why self-checkouts

An alternative to mobile applications and in some cases even more preferable option, is to install compact self-service checkouts with a built-in QR code scanner.

We at Smartix company perfectly understand how important for minimarkets to implement a high-quality payment instrument for selling products. Our specialists offer various devices for any format of small-area stores, as well as specialized self-checkout software, which is actively used for automation of minimarkets.

Self-checkout is always ready to work and already waiting for the client, helps to scan the assortment of goods, accepts payment by card or through Fast Payment System (FPS) without additional registrations, bindings and fiscalizes the payment. According to statistics, after installing self-checkouts in minimarkets 77% of the total payments are made through self-service devices and only the remaining 23% through mobile application.

Customers gladly purchase an assortment of ready-made food without additional installations of applications. Sales volume increases. The number of primary customers is growing and even more of them become regular clients.

Solution advantages

Self-service checkouts for minimarkets from Smartix take into account all the basic needs of the customer:

  • Integration with 1C and other accounting systems, as well as operation of the software without an external accounting system — prices and assortment are managed in the Smartix back office.
  • In addition to scanning products with QR codes, interactive showcase is supported for selling goods without barcode directly from the catalog in the interface.
  • Connection of lockers with cells (transparent type or with cooling), vending machines, snack machines for postpaid dispensing of products without QR codes, remote control of coffee point equipment in minimarket, selection and payment for drinks through the self-checkout interface.
  • In addition to bank cards and FPS, support for gift certificates and any external means of payment.
  • Advertising management module, videos and banners at the interface screen and when inactive.
  • Result

    At first glance, simple and accessible mobile applications for scanning and paying for products are not always effective in minimarkets. Sometimes even the most active mobile users prefer interaction with self-service devices, which is clearly demonstrated in the behavioral model of buyers in already implemented projects.

    Installing and launching cash registers in the shortest possible time will allow to offer customers modern, popular way for buying products, which will significantly increase the level of customer focus and sales volume. Flexible self-checkout software turns the device into a platform for the future implementation of additional functionality in minimarkets following the development of modern trends in the foodtech market.

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