Pay-logic processing update version 5.5.7

Improvements in version 5.5.7

The pages “Monitoring — Monitoring”, “Monitoring — Monitoring (by agents)” have been implemented, which are copies of the pages “Monitoring — Equipment Status”, “Monitoring — Equipment Status (by agents)” with improved layout and with added displayed parameters, editable templates with filters and columns specified for them. User can edit these parameters, they will be saved in the template.

The section “Dispatch – Issues from the agent’s account” has been implemented. Not included in the standard package and licensed separately.

On the “Script” tab of the “Directories – Services – Services: editing” page, the “Obtaining transaction ID before creating payment” option has been added.

On the pages “Directories – Finance – Exchange rates”, “Directories – Finance – Provider exchange rates” filter by service has been added.

On the pages “Dispatch – Search for payment”, “Agent – Statistics – Statistics” filter by agent has been added.

Processing of attribute encryption rules configured on the “Field settings” tab of the service has been implemented when creating payments in the back office on the “Dispatch – Payment search” page when using payment acceptance point of the “Office” type.

On the page “Agent – Other reports – Statistics and profitability by points”, the value of the system parameter “Display point code instead of ID in reports and when sending events” is taken into account to display the point code/id.

On the “Dispatch – Cashing operations” page, search by part of the number “EPS operation ID” has been implemented, masking of the value “ EPS operation ID” has been added and the search by status has been changed.

On the “Dispatch – Search for payment” page, display of the column with actions has been changed, fiscalization icon is displayed in front of the number, “Setup point” column is displayed dynamically, display of the number of changed transactions has been added to the dialogs for mass payment changes and default sorting of payments from highest to lowest has been implemented.

The effect of access rules has been changed to manage the parameters “Daily limit”, “Limit until next cash collection”, “Block the point if the limit is reached”, “List of services allowed after reaching the limits”.

On the “Dispatch – Generated entries” page, transactions by entries are selected by transaction id.

On the “Providers – Report schedule” page, processing of the “Minute” parameter for the “Daily schedule” has been added.

On the “Directories – Geography – Regions” page, the “Numeric code” parameter has been renamed to “Code”.

The access rule “Directories – Directory versions – Update” has been removed.

Improvements in version 5.146

Support for software updates is disabled for points running on the Windows xp operating system, due to the lack of support for java 17 by the operating system.

Improvements in version 7.146

Previously kiosk software did not start without configured bill acceptor. Now for the kiosk software to work bill acceptor or POS terminal must be configured.

Improvements in version 6.33

Increased default maximum sending timeout to 120 seconds. Implemented cancellation by timeout for group operations, similar to single ones.

Added processing of encode, load actions.

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