Smartix company presents dedicated website about parcel locker’s solutions

Smartix specialists announcing dedicated website https://smart-locker.io containing information on the control system for parcel and storage lockers under the Smartix brand. Solution covers all the technological possibilities for launching modern network of parcel lockers with mixed functionality.

Smartix software is used to organize the operation of a modern parcel locker’s network of any size up to 10 000 devices in the shortest possible time. The solution is already being chosen by both small and large participants in the e-commerce market in various product areas.


The Smartix system has a powerful, flexible, adaptable core, which allows implementing various scenarios on the basis of automated lockers (made from metal, wood, plastic, etc.):

  1. Parcel locker functionality — delivery and shipment automation
  2. Luggage storage — service with flexible pricing
  3. Lockers — smart storage of personal belongings in offices, coworking spaces, etc.
  4. Industrial vending — dispensing of tools and equipment
  5. Sale of goods — interactive showcase or transparent cells
  6. Any other scenario at the customer request

Solution uses a web-based back office — single centralized space for managing network of parcel lockers. Functional monitoring system for equipment and cells ensures high-quality operations.

The mobile application for couriers based on Android and iOS is used to scan QR codes on parcels to be inserted in the parcel locker or to manually select from the list of orders. The process of withdrawing expired parcels through a mobile application is supported.

A client application is used to interact with the clients on the devices — interfaces are adapted to any format of the automatic screens.

Additional features

1. Parcel lockers support non-cash payment — if prepayment is required on the device, a corresponding screen opens before receiving the order.

2. The system sends client notifications — client receives primary notifications about the availability of the order in the parcel locker, setting the time for sending SMS within a limited scope (prohibition of night time, etc.), maintaining a daily reminder of availability, setting up timely notifications about the withdrawal of the order by the courier because of late receipt.

3. Service of the parcel locker is carried out through a single Smartix mobile application. The level of access to the functionality of the hardware and software part of the locker for each employee depends on the access rights configured for him in the back office.

4. Multiple parcels are supported for different cells or re-inserting parcels of one client into cells for simultaneous dispense, as well as optimal use of device cell volumes.

5. Smartix software can be used to combine delivery, temporary storage, and sale of goods in one locker. The flexibility of the solution allows to automate business processes, for example, for online retail and online stores, industrial vending, temporary storage services, shipping and other areas of activity.

Commissioning works

As part of the delivery of Smartix software, any modifications are possible:

  1. System supports turnkey integration with customer systems.
  2. Interaction with customer notification channels (SMS, e-mail, popular instant messengers, etc.) is configured.
  3. New drivers are developed, the required equipment is integrated.
  4. Styled interfaces are being implemented.
  5. System supports the ability to create fault-tolerant configurations, including load balancing across multiple servers.

Support for parcel lockers and lock controllers

Smartix parcel locker’s software supports any model of devices presented on the Russian and foreign markets. It supports combining within a single network of parcel lockers with a mixed set of internal hardware components from different manufacturers.

Supports almost all lock controllers, including RSKIT, Dewo, Kerong, Voung and others. At the same time, the system includes a basic driver for the controllers, and new lock controllers can be easily added without a global rewriting of the entire software.


Smartix specialists are ready to tell more about the potential of the complex and the functionality on the new website of the system. The solution is delivered in the cloud format by subscription or as a standalone software package for installation on customer's servers — for companies that want to launch or develop their own large delivery or temporary storage network. When purchasing software, the company also offers standard and custom turnkey lockers from hardware partners.

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