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Our company offers:
Complete hardware-software solution including self‑service kiosk and specialized software
Supply of specialized software for customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits for taxi companies and taxi services
Alternative sales channel for service
Increase in the number of orders
Increase of brand awareness
Increase of profitability and business transparency
Business goal
Taxi booking kiosks - modern format of passenger transportation services provision, suitable for installation at airports, railway and bus stations, transport hubs and other public places
Advantages for taxi company/aggregator:
Attracting more clients to use customer service
Calling suitable vehicle without access to mobile application
Possibility of paying for taxi order in cash or by bank card, prepayment before boarding taxi - reducing the number of service rejections
Exclusion of the driver from the process of receiving cash payment from the client
Ability to connect third-party services for payment through kiosk
Implementation of promotion campaigns, increasing customer loyalty
Advertising functionality on the kiosk screen when idle
Advantages for end customer:
No need to install and configure mobile application of taxi operator when go on one-time trip to another city
Calculating the cost of payment when ordering at kiosk’s place
Possibility of payment by cash or bank card
Ability to select car type and additional options
Full security. All advantages of using legal service
Discounts and promotions - loyalty points, one-time free trips, etc.
Modern, alternative channel to receive services
Standard taxi order scenarios
Transfer to fixed
Process description:
In this scenario client is offered to enter phone number, select car type and place of arrival from predefined list.

Scenario is suitable for airports or railway stations, where the main task is to provide transfer to major traffic intersections. For example, when installing kiosk at Vnukovo Airport, system may offer the client transfer to:
Kiyevsky railway terminal
Business center
Red Square
Software refinements:
Script does not require modification of kiosk software. Integration of solution with customer's system implies only transfer of information about the order.
Example of interface:
Transfer to random
Process description:
In this scenario client specifies the exact address of arrival,
then system calculates order cost
Software refinements:
Use existing customer’s web resource

Work scenario involves opening customer's website in kiosk software interface.

In this case, all business logic associated with entering address and calculating cost of the ride is executed on customer’s side. After choosing the route and confirming the amount of payment, customer’s web site must transfer operation control to kiosk for payment.

Learn more at GitHub
Work with the customer's information system through REST-API

In this scenario all interaction including the choice of arrival point and calculation of the cost is carried out through the REST-API. At the same time kiosk software is engaged in rendering the final screens. Comparing with scenario 1, this scenario is more time-consuming at startup, however, it allows to get very responsive interface.
Example of interface:
System features
Built-in advertising
System includes back-office, which allows to remotely manage advertising content, customize advertising campaigns and maintain detailed statistics.
Technical monitoring
System includes technical monitoring module and emergency alert module.

Customer can monitor kiosk's current status in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it.
Update system
Built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Ways of obtaining software license:
Purchase software license
Use cloud software by subscription
Solution refinements
Standard refinements for customer's solution include:
Branding of payment interface in corporate colors or using white-label concept
Integration of kiosk system with taxi company/taxi aggregator accounting system
Development of advertising banners
Adjusting payment scenario for specific business requirements
Adaptation to the new currency and language, including creation of multilingual interfaces
Any software modifications are possible at customer’s request!
Implementation of new
features for taxi
service companies
In addition to implementation of taxi booking kiosks, our company can offer solution for organizing courier delivery by taxi services through parcel lockers.

Installation of parcel lockers in business centers, shopping malls allows to organize the efficient transfer of documents, parcels, personal belongings. There is no additional cost to taxi company: drivers, whose route coincides with the delivery order pick up parcel from one parcel locker and deliver it to another within the city area and taxi company receives additional profit for delivery.
What about developing
of other applications?
Our company has been developing complex high-load applications since 2008 and can offer complete development of information system for different types of businesses:
Database design
Back office development
Front office development
Mobile application development
Application design service
Any other software development service
Supply of turnkey
hardware-software solution
For long period of activity in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer complete solution in the format software + self-service kiosks for various business areas
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