Smartix cash registers are integrated with 1C:Retail

Smartix self-service checkouts are now available for any retail chains using 1C:Retail as their main accounting system. The solution provides full functionality for data exchange with 1C:

  • Receiving data from 1C
  • Formation of sales in 1C

All interaction with the retail platform is carried out online, which means that payments are created in real time, also transferring data on invoices, documents for working with users etc.

In addition to standard integration, the solution contains the ability to connect any loyalty systems. It is possible to launch additional logic — for example, price checkers, bonus cards, cross-selling.

As a result of the work performed, Smartix allows the implementation of a modern user interface within any 1C editions, which is many times better than standard cash register screens that are adaptable to self-service systems. At the moment, integration with 1C:Trade is planned, any other 1C configurations can be integrated at request.

Smartix specialists additionally provide for a flexible software core that allows to integrate with any store accounting systems. The solution includes a full-featured back office, online statistics, financial and technical monitoring, viewing the status of devices on the network, and notification system.

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