Self-service kiosks for digital content

We launched new software development section for self-service kiosks selling any digital content. Our technologies allow to deploy any interactive storefronts or websites with an unlimited amount of activation keys. We are also ready to provide the support of card dispensers in kiosks for dispensing scratch cards and also receipts with activation keys in addition to the electronic format via E-mail, SMS or popular messengers.

Solution allows to completely eliminate the staff participation in the process of selling digital content. Also exclude sell codes and keys on physical media (plastic cards, single-use paper), solution allows to save on distribution costs — printing, logistics, placement, tracking balances.

Kiosk accepts cash or credit cards, view bright, eye-catching interface. In addition to an unlimited product showcase with digital activation codes and keys which is always available, device can be used to deploy any third-party functionality — regular payments, information services, advertising features with banners and videos, etc.

Device can find active use in the cash desk areas of retailers as a modern additional tool. It can be independently located at malls, business centers, transport hubs and any other areas with potential customers.

Kiosks are combined in single back office, which allows you manage the entire devices network, receive data on financial transactions, fullness of boxes (cash, receipt paper, scratch cards if kiosk have dispenser), to monitor and download statistics.

We are ready to build any networks of self-service devices with platform for sale digital content. By providing software under license or subscription our solution is suitable for customers of all sizes.

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