Revitech project: kiosks for sell industrial equipment

We launched pilot project for Revitech company to automate the sale of industrial equipment using self-service kiosks with our specialized software.

The customer is the largest certified supplier of equipment for heating, water supply and water discharge in the Volga Federal District. The central office and warehouse are located in Perm and this location got the first self-service kiosks.

Seasonal demand, increasing queues and growing workload on customer service staff and cashiers led Revitech to search for a modern sales automation tool. Our software and kiosks were chosen as the best solution available on the market due to the ability to quickly adapt and deploy the customer’s website on a widescreen kiosk, accept all types of payments and print invoices for receiving goods from warehouse.

Widescreen kiosk in the Revitech wholesale and retail store allows to browse online shop and get all information about the product range, while significantly reducing store spaces, for example, for large heating equipment. After adding the product items to the interactive shopping cart customer pay for them by bank card.

Self-service kiosk effectively facilitates the work of the sales manager – it provides comprehensive information about product options, features, installation specifications, etc. If buyer already have experience and knows what he needs, kiosk is used by himself without any help and reduces workload at sales department.

At the same time kiosk fully replaces the cashier – offers to place an order and accepts payment in various ways, completing the purchase cycle. The popularization of self-service devices in various retail areas makes payment kiosks familiar for most customers.

The customer chose a cashless kiosk model as a pilot equipment, in the future we are ready to supply cash-supported models (equipped with bill acceptors, dispensers, recyclers). Kiosk is a component of the omnichannel system, so the client can create an order from a home computer or smartphone, then log in to the site through the kiosk and make payment.

Laser printer is connected to the kiosk. After making payment, client automatically receives a paper invoice for receive goods at the nearest warehouse.

Therefore employee only needs to help in choosing the right equipment or provide initial consultation when operating with the kiosk interface. The participation of personnel in the receipt of payment and preparation of documents for the release of goods is completely excluded.

Kiosk capabilities are not limited by the pilot project. At the customer’s request we are ready to provide integration with loyalty systems based on one-time IDs, barcodes (manual entry or scanning), loyalty smart cards, system for assessing the quality of service for after sales service, personal account system for customers to refill in cash or accumulate bonuses and much more.

Independence and multifunctionality of the kiosk in the near future will allow Revitech to increase its presence in various country regions with minimal costs and risks, creating modern, small-format sales offices or warehouse stores with minimal rental spaces and staff costs.

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