Tire store automation: Nortec kiosks functional description

The launched network of kiosks fully automates choosing, paying for goods and printing all the necessary documents for receiving them at the warehouse.

Solution includes:

  • Self-service kiosks with widescreen display
  • Specialized web interface
  • Online store website opened at kiosk interface
  • Payment functionality for payment by bank card or in cash
  • Connected laser printer for printing invoices

Buying tires at kiosk

The user can access the POSHK online store with the entire products range of a specific city. The site opens and operates in the same way as at computer or mobile device.

After the completion and confirmation of the shopping cart opens the kiosk payment interface. Depending on the kiosk type, payment is possible only by bank card or by card and cash. To comply with the requirements of 54-Federal law, the buyer can select method of receiving the receipt.

Payment for a previously placed order

The kiosk also provides the opportunity to pay for an order created earlier remotely on the website. The client will need to enter the order ID in the kiosk interface and after authorization he can make payment.

Invoices printing

The kiosk system supports uploading of PDF/HTML/standard office formats from any external inventory management systems and printing them on an external printer. The client independently prints the invoice after the payment and receives the order in the nearest collection point.

Soft-logic company has extensive experience in developing its own software for automation of various business areas using self-service kiosks. Our main customers at wholesale and retail sales are large regional retailers and retail chains, every customer includes from 15 to 200 stores, all of them are gradually equipped with our kiosks.

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