Smartix cash registers started supporting payment by face service from Sber and VisionLabs

Smartix self-service checkouts have started supporting payment by face from Sber and VisionLabs. Now you can make purchases without a card and a smartphone — just look into the camera. The new innovative service improves the convenience and security of the payment process.

VisionLabs developments are used for face recognition at checkouts. Algorithms based on neural networks find a person in the image and choose the best frame for identification. In addition, Liveness technology helps to check if the person in front of the camera is real and eliminates the use of a printed photo or video from the screen of another device. In combination with the Intel RealSense D415 and Intel RealSense D435 depth cameras, the system provides reliable protection against image spoofing.

The technology is available to all Sber customers who have the SberBank Online mobile app installed.

To pay with a glance at the Smartix checkout, at the stage of choosing a payment method, you need to select "Pay by face". The camera recognizes the face image and matches it with a unique number linked to the payer's biometric data. This number is also linked to a bank card account. If the data matches, the payment will be successful.

As part of the refinement of the Smartix software, the following was done:

  • A design layout was developed and a screen for choosing payment methods was implemented. The system recognizes that the POS terminal supports payment by face from Sber and automatically displays the corresponding payment option.
  • Designed and implemented a screen with a call to look at the camera. The screen is used to prompt the user how best to stand in front of the camera to get a good picture.
  • Improved drivers for working with POS-terminals. A mechanism has been developed for interacting with the technological platform of VisionLabs, which transmits all images.
  • The server part has been improved, which allows to track and collect statistics on completed biometric payments.

Pay by face provides customers with the ability to launch self-service services using POS terminals and 3D cameras. Payment by face can be implemented in Smartix parcel software at request.

“Over the past few years, contactless services have been gaining more and more popularity, so VisionLabs is actively developing solutions for paying by face. They can be used not only in retail chains, but also in cinemas, medical institutions, gaming and fitness clubs. VisionLabs technology based on neural networks is recognized as one of the fastest and most accurate in the world, which helps to ensure the high quality of the new payment method”, — commented Ilya Romanov, Commercial Director of VisionLabs.

“Increasing demand for contactless biometric payments is driving active implementation of technology in self-service devices. Payment by face from Sber in Smartix solutions as a fast, convenient and secure payment method provides users with modern payment formats based on biometrics”, — added Alexander Vorobyev, founder of Smartix.

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