Do not waste time developing self-service checkouts. Choose Soft-logic!

Our advantage — the possibility of custom development for our customers according to their personal requirements. Software can be deployed through our cloud service or on customer’s servers. If necessary, we are ready to provide software with source codes.

Why your retail network need modern self-service checkouts?

1. You make one-time financial investments and immediately start to save on staff, increase the cash desk efficiency and reduce queues. A few payment kiosks and a couple of consultants for them – that’s how the modern retail look like, sounds good?

2. Buyers purchase your goods completely in self-service – self-checkout through a barcode scanner or adding goods to interactive shopping cart and receiving them at pick point. Need a self-scan solution with portable scanners? We are ready for implementation!

3. You can pay for purchases by credit card or in cash, change is dispensed via kiosk or transferred to the mobile phone account. Payments are processed in accordance with 54-Federal law.

4. It is possible to connect a laser printer to each self-service checkout for printing invoices. Solution will solved not only the selection and payment for goods, but also the printing of all necessary documents for their receipt in the warehouse.

Want to use the self-service checkouts as the platform for something else? Just do it!

Our software turns a cash register with a widescreen screen into a price checker, information kiosk, feedback form, digital panel with advertising banners, video and animation. Our checkouts is a platform for the deployment of any customer functionality.

Learn more about the complete software-hardware solution:

Presentation of complete solution + kiosk models

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Press releases with information about implemented projects:

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Implementation of self-service kiosks into the Four Paws pet products chain

Contact us and describe the total required functionality for self-service checkouts and the number of points for calculating the final solution cost.

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