Self-service kiosk for car dealerships from Soft-logic

Our company in conjunction with a partner bank completed a pilot project for the implementation of an automatic deposit machine (ADM) for car dealerships. The device belongs to a bank that leases ADM to a car dealership. Deposit machine uses our Pay-logic software.

Under normal circumstances, in order to accept large amounts of cash, car dealerships are forced to maintain a full-fledged bank cashier unit, which costs 400-600 thousand rubles per month and includes special cash equipment, infrastructure, security mechanisms, cashiers, etc.

ADM with an industrial banknote sorter can significantly reduce the costs of accepting and storing cash for high-price retail and any business areas where large amounts of cash are involved in payment. The price of a device with dispensing of change costs an average of 1 million rubles at once when buying a device or 100-150 thousand rubles per month in case of lease from a bank.

Implemented features:

1. ADM is used to deposit funds for cars (payments can be as several tens of millions of rubles), as well as to pay for services based on a payment receipt with a QR code. Client receives the document generated by the manager, scans the code, verifies the order information, payment data and deposits cash. ADM accepts bills of various denominations in a mixed stack with a counting speed of up to 1500 banknotes per minute. Payment for the car is supported by several transactions, additional payment of the total amount by bank card is possible. ADM holds up to 15 000 of any banknotes, gives change in 2 denominations, it is possible to transfer small change to a mobile phone.

2. Customer is provided with access to the Pay-logic software back office for monitoring and reporting. Once a day, the lists of transactions are uploaded to the accounting system of the car dealership and the bank, including cash collections.

3. Excel file is uploaded every month with a list of ADM operations for a partner bank. Based on the data, bank issues an invoice to the car dealership for the provision of ADM services.

4. Integration of an external cash collection service with Pay-logic software. Optimization of the cash collection process. Collector enters the service menu using his personal login and password, takes out a money bag or cassette, receives receipts, confirms the operation in the ADM interface.

5. Notifications for bank employees and dealerships about the technical condition of ADM. In case of stucking bills, upcoming running out of money in the dispenser, running out of receipt paper, any technical failures, responsible employees receive E-mail/SMS/Telegram notifications.

6. Access for car dealership employees to set up advertising in the ADM interface through the back office. Self-loading of advertising banners with rotation by time or with reference to action/navigations across screens.

ADM is supplied as a turnkey solution and includes hardware, software, cash collection service and technical maintenance. Solution meets all the requirements for a modern process of receiving and storing cash. Due to the minimal costs and increased efficiency of ADM in comparison with cashier units, bank will be able to attract even more corporate clients.

Our solution is not only a modern and affordable way of accepting and depositing large amounts of cash, but also the highest level of security. ADM is equipped with three security cameras (tracking the client, process of depositing money, dispensing change), alarm system, safe with several locks. The banknotes are checked for all machine-readable signs. As a result, ADM is an effective replacement for traditional external cash registers, it can significantly reduce costs for business, and also enables banks to offer their customers a new tool for receiving and storing large amounts of cash.

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