Interactive self-service kiosks for retail and e-commerce from Soft-logic

Soft-logic company, one of the largest developers of software for self-service and payment kiosks in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries announces the launch of ready-made specialized out-of-the-box solution for information and payment kiosks used in the retail and e-commerce.

Solution allows to display functionality of product cart or e-commerce website through kiosk interface. Functionality suitable for automating retail chains of any scale selling any goods and also for online stores wishing to organize outlets for online orders and payment at high customer flow areas or at pick up points.

Self-service kiosk solves the key task for retail and e-commerce - remove cash desk with employees, provides fast, convenient, self-service creation and payment of order by client, with support of scanning barcodes of goods, flexible search functionality in the catalog, providing additional features - promotions, upsells and cross-sales.

Key advantages of Pay-logic software in the retail automation software market:

1. Complete out-of-the-box solution that requires only integration with customer’s accounting system at very short time period, without development costs and associated risks.

2. Use of barcode scanners, webcams allows customers to completely remove manual data entry, simplifies selection of products in the electronic catalog and buying process at sales area - self-service creation of shopping cart, scanning and payment through kiosk. Implementation of voice input is planned.

3. Support not only POS-terminals and non-cash payment, but also work with cash, use of bill dispensers, bill acceptors and recyclers. Customer can optionally equip one part of the kiosks with cashless payment support only, other part of the kiosks with cash recycling.

4. Ready integration module with an online store accounting system - Bitrix, in the development MODX, CS Cart, also planned integration with 1C: Accounting + 1C: Trade and Warehouse systems.

5. Powerful system of accounting and online monitoring of kiosks network through unified back office, tracking events, fullness of boxes, notifications about equipment status.

Self-service kiosks based on Pay-logic software combine all capabilities of digital systems, retail displays and advertising panels, at the same time allowing add to cart any product directly in the interface and pay for it. Presence of specialized advertising module allows to customize advertising campaigns using animated and static banners, videos based on web technologies with variety of parameters, displays quantity, to effectively attract visitors when idle.

Following the implementation of kiosks retailer get:

1. Effective automated system for sale of any goods, presented at modern web-interface, which reducing costs, increasing customer loyalty.

2. Construction of any modern sales scenarios - payment for online orders in the online stores, creation of orders at kiosk interface, scanning of ID of selected goods from the sales area, self-service checkout of goods and payment.

3. Flexible proprietary platform from specialized IT company, with ability to adapt any features to any customer requirements, including change of corporate identity and branding, implementing new scenarios, expanding modules, etc.

4. High-quality solution for receiving and processing payments from developers providing payment processing based on high-load systems for largest payment kiosks networks of cellular operators - MTS Belarus, Beeline Kyrgyzstan, Kyivstar and also bank payment kiosk - Russian Standard Bank, MTS Bank, Expressbank and others, more than 70 projects in 20 countries.

For long period of activity in the payment software market Soft-logic company established strong partnerships with proven equipment manufacturers and ready to offer complete hardware-software solution in format Software + Various models of self-service kiosks for retail and e-commerce.

One of the features of cooperation with Soft-logic is implementation of basic project with set of basic functions at the kiosk. This approach allows to immediately get the main benefits from automation (cost reduction, increase profits, expand of tools, functionality), conduct initial assessment of the effectiveness of the solution for business. Then customer determines future direction of development and use experience and capabilities of Soft-logic to gradually increase functionality, providing new competitive solutions for end clients.

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