Tire and automotive products sales network «Podkova» chooses Soft-logic kiosks

We complete the launch of self-service kiosks with our specialized software in the Podkova sales network, one of the leaders in the wholesale and retail trade of tires and automotive components in Western Siberia. The customer’s store include 15 tire brands and over 9000 items of various automotive products.

Project description

Podkova online store has been deployed in the self-service kiosk interface. The device allows customers to independently place orders, pay and print invoices for goods receive.

The entire range (electronic catalog) is presented in a modern interactive format and help to avoid large areas for large-size goods. Already familiar with the Podkova online store customer’s can place orders on their own, new customers can ask for help of a consultant who if necessary will not only show how to use the kiosk, but will also effectively sell the products through the kiosk in accordance with the network’s sale strategy.

Due to the compactness of the kiosk and its wide functionality – demonstration of the entire product catalog, acceptance of cash and cashless payments, dispense of change and printing of invoices, it is possible to install the solution not only in specialized stores, but also in any places with customer – for example, in shopping or business centers, as well as open modern warehouse stores using kiosks.

Kiosks advantages

Reducing the size of the retail spaces and the number of employees to a few consultants opens new opportunities for expanding the number of outlets and the access level for customers in the region with minimal costs. Depending on the implementation strategy and financial investments, various combinations of kiosks – only with acceptance of bank cards, with cards and cash, with recycling and change dispensing are available to the customer.

The most expensive kiosk model with software (receiving and dispensing cash support) is 500 000 rubles. One employee costs the store 600 000 rubles, taking into account holidays, taxes and other expenses. As result, the kiosk pays off in ~10 months in comparison with one employee and then begins to significantly save costs.

Cashless models for 200 000 - 300 000 rubles do not require cash collection and need service just like the cash registers and pay off in ~5 months.

How Podkova uses kiosks

The customer chose kiosk models from our hardware partners with our own software. The gradual equipping of all stores with kiosks allows to reduce retail space up to 50%, for example leave only a few samples of truck tires to demonstrate the material, reduce the number of trailers, etc.

Podkova online store allows to place order at a point of sale or pay for a previously order (placed remotely) directly at the kiosk with bank card or by cash. Kiosks support client’s authorization not only by phone number, but also by loyalty card. When paying via kiosk, bonuses will be accrual.

Kiosk connects to a laser printer to print invoices. For employees there is no need to generate documents for the release of goods from the warehouse.

The customer not only sells tires and auto products, but also provides services for the replacement of tires and accessories. The functionality of the kiosk can be modifyed with a services catalog, while it is possible to bind the mechanic to the client and record his work through authorization in the kiosk by staff ID or badge.

Project result

The experience in this category of projects allowed our company to implement modern self-service kiosks in the short period in accordance with the Podkova sales network requirements. Our out-of-the-box software and self-service kiosks is complete software and hardware solution for the effective automation of sales, receiving payments and organizing document workflow. At the same time, due to the software flexibility, our solution is not limited by the existing functionality, but expands according to the development of sales network and market trends.

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