Smartix self-checkouts: influence of interfaces on the solution efficiency

Despite the development of self-checkout technologies and the growing use of self-checkouts, it is not always possible to achieve the desired effect in increasing the retailer's flow capacity.

One of the reasons is the insufficiently intuitive interface of the self-checkout software or the poorly developed logic of interaction between the buyer and the device. In addition, the situation with inconsiderate solving of the problem of payment carts containing 18+ goods. All this leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the checkout solution and the unwillingness of buyers to use self-service devices in future.

Smartix specialists are well aware of the features that may arise during the implementation of self-checkout software — great attention is paid to all aspects of customer interaction with interface and convenience when using Smartix self-checkouts.

For example, depending on the application and customer requirements, each screen can be provided with static and pop-up instructions and interactive prompts.

If in the process of scanning products categories 18+ come across, they are highlighted to avoid misunderstanding and confusion of the client. Therefore, if buyer accidentally or due to ignorance has chosen goods that do not correspond to his age, the interface will prompt about this and the buyer can easily exclude them from the payment cart and immediately proceed to payment.

Smartix сheckout software is a modern solution for the automation of retail of any scale — it is suitable for selling any goods and services, allows the implementation of any scenarios. According to the customer's requirements Smartix specialists develop general functionality and improve UX/UI to create the best shopping experience.

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