Release of new version SmartKeeper e-wallet for Expressbank

Soft-logic company announces release of new version SmartKeeper e-wallet platform for Expressbank. The platform includes complete reworking of the bank's website and mobile application in accordance with the customer requirements.

Expressbank is the leading bank of Azerbaijan, has a wide network of branches - 16 offices. The bank supports the operation of 4000 POS-terminals, owns the largest network of self-service banking terminals in the region, which operating on the Soft-logic company’s Pay-logic software. These payment and service instruments are always ready for operations of business and usual customers 24/7.

The main requirements for upgrading was due to the need for redesign the appearance of the e-wallet, improving usability, adding new functionality and creating the basis for its further expansion.

In cooperation with the team of designers, Soft-logic specialists solved one of the key tasks – placing all the necessary functionality and statistical data related to the making of payments to the most convenient positions for operating and viewing.

Main screen contain "My account" tab - displays information about the most recent operations, chart of expenses with statistics by categories, which is accompanied with a visual diagram. The screen also includes the first three payment templates, with “check all templates” button.

Main navigation in personal account is carried out through the menu at the top left, allows to see all the notifications associated with the application, select and pay for services, view the transaction history. For each completed operation there is a note about success status, receipt for viewing, printing or sending to E-mail.

User can set up regular payment templates, and also use the visual calendar to create auto payment.

Refill of e-wallet account can be carried out via bank card, change card or voucher, system display information about amount of the commission fee, if it is set and allows user to check the balance of the change card or voucher. The “Transfers” tab allows user to quickly transfer funds from he’s wallet to other users.

Withdrawal functionality allows to transfer funds from wallet to Expressbank card using the client’s ID and PIN code.

Also added section with bank cards, which allows to save a certain card in the system. Card linkage helps the user to quickly pay for services and use prefilling of the forms when paying with cards.

Each page is accompanied by search form at the top left corner, that allows user to find a service or provider and instantly make payment, additional menu button with a user name, phone number, personal information, reports and settings. The footer includes link to the map with Expressbank self-service terminals, which also allows user to refill the balance of the e-wallet, link to the mobile application for Android and iOS, "Help" section with a detailed information about main functionality and contacts for getting feedback.

Service settings include:

  • Set limits on payments from the wallet per day, week, month and limits on payments from any source - bank cards, change cards, vouchers

  • Choose the type of payment password - static or dynamic (SMS-code) or completely disable payment confirmation

  • Choose the type of authorization - by password or SMS code

  • Connect SMS notification of transactions, in doing so user can choose the types of operations and methods of notifications, separately specified paid and free types of notification

  • Enable or disable access to e-wallet through Android or iOS mobile apps

  • Completely close the e-wallet, but its balance need to be zero

  • Select user language

Now the personal data section allows the user not only to enter personal information, series and ID number, but also to upload their own photo. This simplifies the identification of the person for bank and with the consent of the client, can use his photo to improve the overall security level and limits on payments and transfers.

It is planned to add the possibility of ordering bank cards through the website and SmartKeeper mobile application.

After all the work that have done, the bank received a high-quality, modern, attractive interface presented on an adaptive website and in a mobile application. The key result is an intuitive functional, convenient for existing users and attracting new customers of the bank.

For us it was a serious challenge, because to follow the current trends in technology development and user expectations is quite complex and time-consuming task. We worked closely with designers and our customer to fully implement the requirements for a new version of e-wallets. It is important for us not only to create a product that corresponds to the customer's vision, but also to make the end user satisfied. The interface turned out to be attractive, functional, and most importantly, convenient. The final result makes the services not only more accessible, but also increases the level of trust for new users, acting as a reliable and secure payment instrument.

Coordination of design, content filling, integration of new functionality, usability testing took a little less than two months. We managed to surprise the customer, bring the visual presentation of the resource to modern requirements, introduce a basis for further specific improvements to the bank requirements.

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