Manufacturing enterprises choose Soft-logic solutions

Soft-logic company announces the launch of self-service kiosks in Iron Felix company – the largest regional manufacturer of window parts.

The customer uses his own Lisa10 web application, which allows not only to choose complete window profiles, but also to create non-standard sketches, drawing them directly in the application (with the ability to view 3D models). When drawing custom profiles, the program offers most effective solution, taking into account all design features, material saving and reduces the number of scraps.

Kiosk goals

Iron Felix is an innovative company, which sees great potential in new technologies for the business growth. The key objective of the company is to maintain and expand the market using competitive prices by minimizing costs.

Business for the production of window parts have high level of seasonality. In the period from the end of May to November, sales increase up to 4-5 times. Self-service kiosks efficiently handle this demand, so they were chosen by the customer as the main sales instument.

Kiosks solve the problem of hiring, training and maintaining staff for work in the high season. It is no longer necessary to have a large staff, the number of kiosks flexibly adapts to the customers flow.

Devices also eliminate staff errors and speed up service. All calculations are carried out quickly and accurately in the kiosk interface. The time spent by the customer in the office is also reduced.

*Demonstration of the kiosk before installation in the sales office

Selected models

The customer chose modern Q-37 widescreen kiosk models from our hardware partner TouchPlat company,, with POS terminal, recycling module, coin hopper and our specialized software.

Diagonal 31,5" (80 cm), 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Dimensions (mm) 1840 (H) x 538 (W) x 500 (D)
Computer Intel® Celeron® J4005 / Intel® Core™ i3-7100U,  DDR4 4 Gb,  60 Gb SATA
Operating system Windows 10 IoT / Linux
Receipt printer HS-K33 (80 mm, 180 mm/sec.)
POS terminal Installation site (Verifone VX820, Ingenico iPP320, PAX D200)
Cash acceptance (optional) КCashCode SM / MEI Advance Bill acceptor
Cash acceptance/withdrawal (option) JCM iPRO-RC Recycling module

Now all Lisa10 application functionality is deployed in the self-service kiosks interface, devices accept cash and bank cards as payment methods for orders, dispense cash and coin as change (payments are processed in accordance with 54-Federal law).

After selecting the window profile parameters, system automatically calculates the area and cost of the project, taking into account color and additional conditions. Order data is sent online to the production department. All orders and custom sketches are saved and can be edited in the client’s personal account.

Project outcome

After the launch customer noted the benefits of reducing queues, reducing workload and job responsibilities (more consulting) for managers due to the complete order and payment automation. Thanks to the kiosks, the problem of rising costs for hiring and training employees for work in the high season of installing window parts will be significantly reduced.

In addition to production, Iron Felix provides its web application under license to any companies in the window parts market. Now existing and future Iron Felix customers can use self-service kiosks with the deployed Lisa10 application to expand the channels for collecting orders and sales. The application can also be used to create models of mosquito nets, blinds, roller shutters and other products.

About customer

Iron Felix is one of the largest window components manufacturer in its region. The company is also the developer of Lisa10 program for the flexible acceptance of window parts orders. The customer has own youtube channel.

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